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constant flight cancelations

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Old Mar 3, 2012, 3:53 PM
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This is an unanswered email that I sent to continental 4 times:


This is now the 3rd time I have written this email. The other emails have gone unanswered. Since this is how you deal with customers, I will file a complaint with the Attorney Generalís Office and BBB unless this is resolved asap.

On Jan. 12th I flew from Shanghai, China to Chicago, IL (ORD.) The weather was not great in Chicago but there were still flights taking off and this flight landed 30 minutes early. I was a 50 minute flight away from being home. I was told by a lady named Georgina in Chicago that my flight was canceled and they could not get me on another flight until the next day. I have been staying in China for over 1 year, and I did not have any cell phone service nor did I have any USD currency with me. She told me there was nothing she can do because the flight was canceled due to the weather. She told me to use a credit card to book a hotel and that it was on my own expense. I had to stay in a hotel that cost me 350.00 dollars that I cannot afford to spend. I have had this flight booked for over 2 months and I was told in China, 18 hours before my flight to Cleveland was going to be taking off, that this flight was "pending" because the flight wasnít full. Now I was told two different reasons this flight was canceled. I understand safety, but this was clearly a decision that was based many hours before the flight was to actually take off. There were still other flights leaving (and continued to leave that night) at the time I found out my flight was canceled. I have always used continental as I do much flying, but it seems that my flights are constantly being canceled. I have also booked a return trip back to China, going the same route (CLE-ORD-Shanghai) and now my itinerary just shows ORD - Shanghai. Somehow my flight to ORD from CLE is canceled/missing. I am extremely disappointed in your service and this will be the last time I book any flights with your company. I spent over 1350.00 dollars on this flight and now it has cost me hundreds more. If this situation cannot be corrected with a reimbursement of my hotel costs, I will be canceling my credit card soon with your company and will look for other airlines to handle my business since canceling flights seems to be what you all do best.

Anyways, I just wanted to vent my frustation at this company and that now I currently go out of my way to fly other airlines that are much more reliable.
Thanks for reading
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