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Default United Continental Holdings (Formally United Airlines, Inc.) Is DIRT CHEAP & SELFISH

United Continental Holdings (Formally United Airlines, Inc.)
Is As Cheap, Selfish, Inconsiderate, Uncaring As It Gets!

================================================== ========
I have saved my Wells Fargo Credit Card Points in order to purchase this very EXPENSIVE ticket to go and see My 81 Year Old Dying Mother Who Is Suffering Dearly From A Prolapsed Bladder and a Heart Condition back home in Toronto, Ontario Canada and I am very DISAPPOINTED in NOT only the PRICE of the ticket, but the FACT that I had PAY Out Of My Pocket An Additional $132.61 in order to further Support UNITED CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS AND THEIR EXECUTIVES!

NOT only did I have to pay that HARD EARNED MONEY, but I just learned that THEY do NOT even offer any MEALS of any kind for FREE OF COURSE in which I had
NO idea of since I have NOT flown with their airlines in over 10 years, but I do remember very well that THEY Always Included some kind of a Meal on Flights, (especially INTERNATIONAL going from the United States into Canada) in which I believe that THEY Purposely Changed Their Rules In Order To Make More Money Out Of Their Customers) which is Totally Ridiculous, Disgusting and Unfair to say the very LEAST!).

I am sure that United Continental Holdings is NOT suffering that much financially to be quite Honest with You; especially ever since They Recently Bought Out Continental Airlines!

It is also Simply Amazing that United Continental Holdings Can Afford To Buy Out Continental Airlines, but they can NOT afford to give ONE Customer a FREE MEAL on BOTH of my flights going to and from Toronto, Ontario Canada on my Flight Dates of Saturday, December 1st, 2012 and Returning back home from Toronto, Ontario Canada on February 16, 2013!

NOT only are They Price Gouging People For The Meals On Their Flights, Including Myself, but to make matters even worst and more complicated, THEY are even Charging People $25.00 Or More Just To Check In ONE OR TWO PIECES OF LUGGAGE ON THEIR FLIGHTS!

Oh My God!

Now how Ridiculous and Insane does this Get!

United Continental Holdings is supposed to be Offering a Legitimate, Affordable and Dependable Service but THEY have to NICKEL and DIME PEOPLE FOR EVERY PENNY THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON!

Unfortunately, NOT every one of their Customers can be as Rich and/or as Well Off as Their Executives, Sadly Speaking!

Does United Continental Holdings Have Any Type Of Sympathy For Their Customers?

Absolutely Not And You Will Find Out Why Later!

Well, for my situation, Yes, it is BAD Enough that THEY Charge for the MEALS to go to Canada and I had to Pay An Additional $132.61 Out Of My POCKET in which I will NEVER see back again since it went into Their Company Executives Pockets (and I could have used that money to purchase DIAPERS FOR MY 81 YEAR OLD MOTHER WHO NEEDS THEM, but THE MONEY WENT INTO THEIR RICH EXECUTIVES INSTEAD, because THEY THINK that they Need it MORE than my mother) and THEY even NEED more MONEY than that according to my Very Serious Letter Of Complaint!

Furthermore, SADLY in my VERY SERIOUS CASE, it is MY 81 YEAR OLD DYING MOTHER which is the Reason of Why I am going back to Toronto, Ontario Canada and staying with her for 2.5 Months (In Order To Help Take Care Of Her and Her Very Serious Illness) which is a Prolapsed Bladder and Heart Condition which is her diagnosis in which the doctors are afraid to operate on her because of her age and her medical condition, Unfortunately!

For Your Information, a Prolapsed Bladder is a Condition that women suffer during Childbirth, however, this Very Serious Illness usually does NOT show up and/or show any Signs of Symptoms until Very Later In Life. In my 81 Year Old Mother's Case, she just got diagnosed with it last year (2011) whereby she has serious trouble in Holding Her Bladder and (now walking as well because of it) and unfortunately, she MUST also NOW wear diapers in order to hold the urine back and to TOP it off, she also has a Heart Condition.

Since United Continental Holdings Executives probably do NOT believe any of their customers anyway, I did go ahead and offered them my sister's phone number for verification purposes, however, they never bothered to call her anyway because they just do NOT CARE! They only Care about your Wallets!

Well, I was seriously HOPING in addition to my other needs and/or complaints, (NOT) to have to pay for checking in ANY OF MY BAGGAGE(S) because I wanted to bring my MOTHER SOME SPECIAL JUICES IN ORDER TO HELP HER OUT WITH HER MEDICAL PROBLEM, (and I could have used their CHECK-IN BAGGAGE SERVICES in order to make this ALL happen), but sadly, EVERYTHING that I need to do on Their Damn Plane COSTS MONEY!!!

Furthermore, I am NOT going home for a luxurious vacation at all!

I am going home to help take care of somebody in GREAT NEED who is
MY DYING 81 YEAR OLD MOTHER Whom I Do NOT Even Know How Much Longer I Will Have Her For!

When it comes to Your Family, I do NOT know how You would like it if You were Charged For Everything That You Were Trying To Do Just To Take Care Of Somebody!

It Is Totally Disrespectful And Uncalled For At The Very Least and I am Extremely Angry, Upset, Sad And Disgusted With HOW EXPENSIVE YOU HAVE MADE MY FLIGHT in Which I Have NOT Even Left The Ground As Of Yet Until Saturday, December 1st, 2012!

I Honestly Can NOT Imagine What Kind Of A Flight I Will Experience If This Is How You Treat Your Customers!

I did enclose in an attachment, a copy of My Flight Itinerary For Their review as well, but once again, they had NO Interest in reviewing anything that I had sent to them, via email many hours ago.

Now Comes Their Response: I had a feeling that they were going to be as Cheap and Selfish and Greedy as my Letter had described. I was so right on the money!

Now here we go with their response!

(Warning): They have an Excuse for Everything! Be On The Lookout!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [email protected] [email protected]
Date: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:40 PM
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Shore:
Thank you for contacting United Airlines.
On behalf of United, Mr. Smisek and myself, I would like to extend my personal apology for the disappointment you feel, as stated in your correspondence, with the price of your ticket, the additional fee you incurred, the offering of free meals and the baggage fee(s).
United Airlines offers a competitive mix of fares designed to meet the various needs of our business and leisure customers. These fares range from deeply discounted fares favored by leisure travelers to unrestricted fares bearing few, if any, restrictions. Less expensive fares typically have more restrictions and less flexibility. Fares are subject to availability, and lower fares may not be available for every flight. To secure the best possible fares, please confirm your reservations in advance and check alternate dates of travel when possible.
I understand you had some concerns about our new meal policy. We offer complimentary meals for trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, South America, and United Micronesia flights; and all United Global First, United Business First, and United First.

U.S. and Canada flights and many Latin America flights will have food for sale onboard. The food choices offered for sale will vary by length of flight. Shorter flights will have pre-packaged snacks, such as candy bars, cookies, chips, and trail mix, and longer flights will offer salads, sandwiches, and wraps, etc.

Our traditional free-food model, which served us well for many years, was updated to reflect today's market and customer preferences. To ensure profitability in a highly competitive industry, we decided we could simply no longer afford to offer meals for free when most of our competitors were either charging for meals or not serving meals at all. Our research revealed that economy-class travelers were not selecting their airline on the basis of meals.

Special meals, such as religious, child, and vegetarian, will be offered only on flights that have complimentary meal service. Customers with special dietary requirements may be interested in the wide selection of provisions offered by many excellent airport vendors, or in bringing food items from home that fit dietary needs, keeping in mind current TSA directives regarding the amount and types of items allowed through security checkpoints. Also, please remember, we now have cashless cabins -- meals and all other onboard products must be purchased with credit or debit cards.

We were one of the last major carriers to implement checked luggage fees, and the decision did not come easily. It was not our preference to implement fees, but we did so as a competitive measure.

Market conditions are not favorable for adjusting our checked luggage policies at this time.

I understand your concerns and will include your comments in a monthly report that is distributed to senior management for internal review.
Please know that your business and goodwill are never taken for granted, and we will continue to work hard to earn your support.
We appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming you onboard your next United Airlines flight.


Shwanda Warner
Customer Care Manager
ezCare file 6049060

With all said and done, You can Not Win with a company like United Continental Holdings.

I sincerely hope that this roundtrip ticket that I will go on starting tomorrow will hopefully be my first and last one with them!

Thank You United Continental Holdings For Your NO HELP!

Howard Paul Shore
Angry and Upset and Disgusted United Continental Holdings Customer

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