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Exclamation AA disables seat selection

In order to print out a boarding pass, you must have a seat assignment ON ALL YOUR SEGMENTS. Although there were 12 available seats on my first leg--and it was 20 hours before the flight, I was told that I would have to come to the airport on the day of the flight to get a seat and print a boarding pass. My flight leaves at 6am. Hence, my desire to take care of business the day before.

Work around: FLY SOUTHWEST AIRLINES!!! You don't get a pre-assigned seat which sounds problematic but I've never had a problem getting a good seat. And, as long as you have a reservation, you can print out a boarding pass! So why did I reserve with AA's? Their schedule was a bit faster and I thought perhaps I'd give them another chance. Lesson learned? The major airlines don't change. Better to fly airlines like SW that try to do it right all the time. And they don't charge for the first or second baggage. And there stewards have a great attitude.
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That is indeed odd. It sounds like it may have been a one-time glitch as I've been able to checkin for multi-segment itineraries even when one didn't have a seat assignment. It usually happens when there's a regional aircraft and all of the pre-assignable seats have been taken and one can only get a seat assignment at the airport.

What is/was the departure and arrival city of the first segment of your itinerary? Are you flying tomorrow or did this happen sometime in the past? I have a theory about what might have happened but until I know more details I can't be too sure.
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this may be a glitch in their system. im flying home tomorrow and didnt have a problem printing the boarding pass at all.
Ive flown southwest a few times..i dont care for the cattle call boarding process. id rather spend more and deal with AA plus baggage costs.
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Angry Usurious $15 seat assignment charges

I purchased three overseas AA tickets via Priceline at different times. One was an exchange, the other were purchased outright. Two of the three itineraries had seats assigned upon purchase. Not surprisingly, they were not adjacent. When I called AA to get our family to sit together during this 18 hr. trip, I was blithely informed that there is a $15 charge for making seat assignments. When I pointed out the circumstances of the reservation and the fact that we already had 2 of the three seats assigned, I was told it now would cost $45 to seat us together.
This usurious extra charge was not advertised when I purchased the flights and will not pay it. If, upon arrival at the airport, AA will not seat us together with our handicapped minor child, I plan to file a complaint and/or sue.
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Sooner or later this will rebound on the airlines. Ryanair operate a similar policy. To leave a minor child, particularly one with disabilities, without a guardian or parent could expose them to sexual assault. It is also improper to leave the safety of the child to a stranger. In the event of a de-compression, which is not an uncommon occurance, the child would be dependent on a stranger to save his/her life.

To charge parents for the privilege of caring for their children during a flight is outrageous and sick.

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