Customer Service Have you had any problems with Continental's Customer Service? Have Continental employees treated you poorly?

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Old Mar 21, 2010, 9:02 AM
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Default Rude flight attendant, flight CO34 IAH to LHR March 20, 2010

This is the message I sent to Continental Airlines through their web site, which explains the situation:

Dear Sirs,
I've had very annoying experience while flying from Houston IAH to London Heathrow March 20, Flight CO34J. I think that Mr. Rohxl Dubler, flight attendant on the above flight,was not up to the high standards of service which your company sets for its employees. He first surprised me when he demanded that I personally close overhead luggage bin, although I was seated and had to unbuckle my safety belt, and it was much easier for him to do, since he was standing and just had to reach with his hand. Moreover, in my experience flight attendants always close overhead bins themselves - after all the passengers are seated. Anyway, I closed the bin myself. When I asked Mr. Dubler what was the reason for his insisting that I personally close the bin, he said that he has a problem with his arm. I was satisfied with this answer, although surprised that a person with a damaged arm is allowed to work as a flight attendant. When serving food and beverages Mr. Dubler didn't place them on my table, but insisted that I take the food and drinks from his hand. I had no issue with that, keeping in mind Mr. Dubler's damaged arm. You can imagine my shock when I noticed that Mr. Dubler's arm was miraculously cured when serving other passengers, returning back to its damaged state as soon as Mr. Dubler approached my seat. I asked Mr. Dubler if I could be served by a different flight attendant who had no problems with an arm. Mr. Dubler said that only he serves that section of the cabin and I'm not even allowed to call and talk to other flight attendants. Then I said that I would like to file a complaint with Continental Airlines and enquired what was his name, to which Mr. Dubler answered that he wion't give me his name until he finishes serving passengers. Obviously, he meant that serving passengers is a process which takes the whole length of the flight, since he never told me his name. I had to ask another flight attendant about the name of Mr. Dubler. Luckily, not all flight attendants working for Continental Airlines are Misters Dublers, and other flight attendants were very polite and friendly. Hope that Continental Airlines will find a way to explain to Mr. Dubler that he should improve the way he treats passengers.

Best regards,

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