In-flight Issues Did you experience any problems during an Continental Airlines flight?

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Old Mar 31, 2011, 4:21 AM
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Thumbs down No Food At All In Continental 1st Class Flight??

I flew from West Palm to Newark in 1st class. I just want to warn you guys- EAT BEFORE YOU FLY- we did not even get a sandwich- NADA- in 1st Class- screw Continental - Screw them like the rest of the star alliance liars and flying gangsters. I travel 200 days a year and I treat airlines like I would treat drug smugglers or weapon dealers. You always have to come up with your part of te deal- they only in the best case....
based on a law- made by politicians- who in return-get airlines to send them ******* to the hill ...or money...or even better both. As a passenger you are screwed. eighter way.

as I said...drug dealer sindicates- weapon dealers - politicians and Airlines
Old Mar 31, 2011, 4:23 PM
cortney cortney is offline
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thats weird. maybe it depends on the time of day or lenght of flight. i flew continental first class from ORD-IAH a week ago and we were offered an egg sandwich or cereal with yogurt and banana for breakfast.
Old May 17, 2011, 3:19 PM
AADFW AADFW is offline
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Seems domestic carriers are continuting the trend of incorporating the same coach class cost-cutting mentality into their premium services. IMO, this is a huge mistake and will ultimately backfire when taken too far. In fact I think that's already starting to happen to some degree. People expect certain product and service standards when they shell out thousands of dollars on first or business class travel. Why US domestic carriers are playing with fire by seeing just how far they can go to slash costs in this area is beyond my comprehension.

I was on a domestic carrier from LAX-NRT not too long ago on a full-fare business class ticket. About six hours in, I asked if I could have the soba noodle snack -- the only thing listed on the menu between lunch and the arrival meal besides cookies and crackers. I'd paid $5,200 one way to be told (complete with a yawn from the seated FA) that "they cater only just a few of those per flight, sorry we're all out." In consideration of the fare paid, this was beyond unacceptable. Since then I've only flown international on non-US carriers and I've yet to be disappointed.

I do suspect some of this stems from the fact that domestic airlines allow loyal passengers to upgrade at little or no cost. If that's the case, when they make these cost cuts they're losing sight of the fact that some of the passengers sitting in the front can and actually do pay huge premium fares for the experience.
Old May 17, 2011, 4:42 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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The reason s because US domestic carriers don't feel that they av to fight for these customers. The FF Programmes are designed to keep Travellers regardless of the service. They should open domestic routes to foreign carriers on a reciprocal basis... That would shake things up.
Old Nov 22, 2011, 4:27 PM
Matt_FLL Matt_FLL is offline
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It does seem unfair to pay hundreds of dollars for a premium cabin—and then not even receive a meal. Many airlines including Continental are forgoing some meal services as a cost-saving measure. They feel that very few people want a meal on short-haul flights and the food often goes to waste. This issue is part of the frustration of flying these days.

As a rule of thumb for most airlines today, meal service is generally not offered on short-haul flights in a premium cabin. Medium-haul flights (including PBI/EWR routes) are generally dependent upon the departure time. The following link was active today (11/22/2011) which outlines the specific policy for Continental Airlines:

Also, if you purchase your flights on, the website has a “meal service indicator” will appear on the right-hand side near the price of each itinerary.

In my opinion, PBI/EWR is long enough for meal service—especially because New York area airports are plagued by delays so frequently. I hope this information is helpful if you decide to fly that route again on Continental.
Old Dec 20, 2011, 9:21 PM
aqua108 aqua108 is offline
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Unhappy CO/UNITED flight to Hawaii from Hell

I just registered here now. My experiences with Co / United just fe days ago, and also 2010 (United).

I just have to write this.

This year, my trips on Continental Airlines have been so awful in many ways. I believe because of the merger with United.

First, I have been a Continental supporter since 1995 I think. I am Elite this year and I fly to Hawaii yearly. This year marked the year when 11 flight to Hawaii was without my vegetarian meal that I usually get on my flights to Hawaii. And the service with those select flight attendant were ignorant and unfriendly. 11 hours nonstop to hawaii without any meals, not even cheese or crackers, peanuts? what are you insane?

I am very mellow person but this was too much. When I voiced my gripe to a flight attendant, he was sympathetic with me but said this:
“I am not one of the masses”, I was shocked. To be considered not one of the masses just because I am a vegetarian but I am part of the masses still on the same 11 hour flight like everyone else on the same flight. What? They get meals and I don’t.

I went to anther flight attendant and said about meals for vegetarians, She was beyond ignorant when she said to me that “I could buy tapas for $8+”. I looked at her and told her that I did not want tapas and would rather have my vegetarian meal like I am used to getting.

The nerve of her to tell me that “there is a chicken salad and I could just take the chicken pieces out of it”. Seriously, ever since the horrible merger with United, CO has gone downhill. In my 15 years flying CO, no one ever has said that to me on previous CO flights.

Whoever hiring uneducated, unfriendly and ignorant staff should be fired.

Moreover, If there had been something edible to eat I would purchased it, but none applies to vegetarian. Shame on you CO/United.

I will not be flying CO/United again because since the merger began and I talked to lots of CO staff and they agree with me and they do not like the merger.

Now I found out that my Hawaiian trip was counted towards my onepass miles!!! Afterall all that disaster!!! keep up CO/UNTED you’ll be losing lots of passengers with that inconsiderate and careless customer service.

Trust me, there were other passengers who heard the exchanges with me and the flight attendant and they were horrified and felt sorry for me for being on 11 hr hunger flight. I even met CO staff in HNL and told my story and they were very dissatisfied with United.

So regardless what Jeff states in his welcome aboard flight on CO/United, it is all lies, because all he cares bout is being the 1%er.

Bring Gordon back. "Right now, I am wishing that Gordon Bethune would come back to Continental out of retirement as he seemed to have more respect for airline loyalty." (borrowed the line from another thread I just stumbled upon), My sentiments exactly.


I flew to Hawaii 3 times on Continental and loved it, except on my last leg which was United ofcourse: not by choice.
Plan was HNL - KONA - SFO - EWR.

Well, not only I was delayed 8 hrs in Kona, then the guy made the trip:

Why so many legs? Why the crappy service United?!

Are you getting this CO? United is bad karma!

You think you are so entitled United? Well then I am entitled to my 2 roundtrips vouchers to Hawaii which I have not received yet! Make it up for all the nasty and uncalled for mistreatments especially on long flights.

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Old Dec 29, 2011, 5:21 AM
samson smith samson smith is offline
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Thanks for sharing your trips experience with us.....!!
Old Dec 29, 2011, 8:28 AM
aqua108 aqua108 is offline
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Default welcome

It feels good to share my experiences... Thanks for the outlet.
Season's Greetings

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