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Old Mar 7, 2012, 1:23 AM
drjoed drjoed is offline
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Thumbs down US Airways booked wrong travel date but now its my problem!

I booked a business class flight through US Airways round-trip, only problem the agent booked my return for July instead of June. When I called to alert them to the problem they said there was nothing they could do and I could not return home the day I was supposed to be booked back. They booked me for travel back the next day, but they refuse to pay for an additional charges (like a hotel, transportation, meals, etc), and to make it worse, I have to return coach on a US Air flight but they will charge me for the full business class fare. YES, they will make me pay for Business class but fly me home coach on their own airline!

No other industry can get away with this. It would be FRAUD for any other industry.

I have written letters, and have gotten back their form letter, saying thanks for my feedback. Feedback, I was correcting their error, not evaluating their airline.

At all costs, avoid this fraudulent airline! US Air spells Rip Off Air!
Old Mar 7, 2012, 6:02 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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How quickly did you correct the error? If you made the booking and as soon as you saw the confirmation called to correct the error, I think you should pursue your complaint with the DOT and the Attorney General's office. The company must correct any errors they have made, if you can establish it is their error. If there was a delay in you spotting the error you may have more of a problem.

On the question of being offered coach for a business class fare, what explanation have they offered for this?
Old Mar 7, 2012, 1:55 PM
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Unhappy US Airways has NO responsibility for their errors!

I called about the error in two days from booking when I received the confirmation, the agent told me it would take 24-48 hours to show up. They admitted to the error when I called to correct it. They waived the change fee of $150 because it was their error.

The explanation I got about coach vs. business class: they did not have a business class seat available for an award ticket on that day, not that their were none available on the flight; I checked and their were.

I have filed a complaint with the DOT and the Attorney General's office, the DOT was told by Us Air they were not responsible to do anything. The Attorney General's Office, contacted them yesterday and I am awaiting a response.

Just some additional details, my flying time was extended by 8 hours and I am flying on three different airlines, on the way home because of their error and my travel starts the day after I was supposed to return.

Thank you for your suggestions, I appreciate the input.

I am hoping to not go the legal root but it appears I will have no choice.
Old Mar 7, 2012, 8:32 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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I don't get why you must spend a business class award for a coach class ticket...however, if you are spending miles the odds are stacked against you. They are essentally a con anyway... You are better buying the cheapest or most convenient flight.
Old Mar 7, 2012, 9:38 PM
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Default US Air makes you pay for their mistakes.

I booked roundtrip business class. When US Air corrected their error, they booked the first two of my return flights business class on other airlines and on theirs put me on coach. Yes, on the other airlines there were seats but not on US Air's convenient yes, plausible, NO, as I checked and their open business class seats.

I was flying for 16 hours and I need business class for that, and now it is 24 hours, with the last 6 in coach.

I agree they are usually a waste, but for flights this long, I can not handle being swashed in coach. Not too, business class on US Air is the equivalent of coach on many other airlines I fly, so it really is bad!

But the amazing part of it all is they are of the mindset that they have no responsibility to their customers for their blatant errors. I am not sure of the legality of booking customers for the wrong dates and then making them pay? That is what I will be exploring next.

Old Mar 7, 2012, 10:10 PM
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Thumbs down US Air Responds but not to the questions being asked

Well today I get this response from US Air. They can't open seats on other airlines, but they do not address the fact that on their own airline, they have me in coach, they should have the ability to change that!

They do not address the fact that it is their airlines fault that I am returning home a day late.

They do not address the fact that I have to pay because they screwed up at all.

Just that they can not open a seat on another airline, wow would never have guessed that!

It is not even pass the buck, because there is no one to pass it to, it is a US AIRWAYS ERROR, but here you can see they have no responsibility for their errors. Guess if you ignore the issues they go away, NO!

And thanks for telling me the matter is closed, its NOT! See below:

On behalf of Doug Parker and US Airways, thank you for contacting Customer Relations.

Our office not only responds to the needs and comments from our customers, but also shares those comments with the appropriate management teams. This method has proven very successful; in fact, many of our current policies, procedures, and positive changes are a direct result of customer feedback.

I apologized that we were not able to comply with his request for compensation due to the lack of Dividend Miles award seating availability. Unfortunately, US Airways Customer Relations does not have the ability to open award seats on another airline, in this case Air Canada. Our Reservations Agents can only offer award seating if the other airlines involved have authorized it.

As advised on our pervious e-mail correspondence we are considering this matter closed and there will be no further correspondence pertaining to this issue.

I regret that we have been unable to come to an agreeable resolution. Given the privilege of serving you again on US Airways, we look for forward to providing you with a more satisfying travel experience.


Florence Wyn
Representative, Customer Relations
US Airways Corporate Office
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