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Default Warning to Consumers: Air Canada Has Serious Deficiencies and Should Be Avoided

As an air traveler who has first-hand experience with Air Canada, I urge all consumers to avoid Air Canada whenever possible. A summary of some of Air Canada’s deficiencies (as of 20 January 2014) follows.

1. Better Business Bureau (BBB) “F” Rating: While a number of airlines, such as WestJet, United and Southwest, are rated “A+”, the BBB gives Air Canada an “F” (the lowest possible BBB rating). This is because of its “complaint history” with the BBB.

2. Unresponsiveness to Customer Concerns: My experience has reflected that of the BBB. On a 21 December 2013 flight from Vancouver to Paris (costing over $2000), my checked suitcase was lost by Air Canada. Today, one month later, on 20 January 2014, the AC baggage tracking website shows “Tracing continues; please check back later.” This is despite my wife and I doing everything that was asked of us, including completing the required form at Paris immediately when the suitcase did not come through; keeping all our boarding passes and baggage tags; and snail-mailing (as required) a complete 10-page claim report with all documentation to AC central baggage in Montreal, five days after our return to Vancouver, and weeks before their 21-day deadline.

3. No Response in Writing: I have requested information using the e-mail form on the AC website, with no response.

4. No Phone Response: We have made multiple calls to the AC baggage call center (which is in India, with largely unintelligible representatives), and have simply been told to be patient.

5. No Response In Person: We have made two trips to AC baggage services at YVR, and have been told that they can do nothing.

6. No Phone Access to Canadian Customer Service Department: Other than the call center in India, AC has no customer service phone number. They appear to have a customer service department in Calgary, but it can be contacted only by e-mail or fax.

Our return flight, through the US with United, was longer than the outbound flight with AC, but was uneventful, and we and our remaining baggage reached the intended destination. Wherever possible, I strongly recommend using WestJet and/or a US carrier.
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You do know you purchase your rating with the BBB don't you? It isn't some regulatory authority but a place that if you subscribe you suddenly get a great rating My company has a failing grade and we are a muliti billion dollar muliti national enjoyed by millions. always a few malcontents everywhere.
Old Feb 3, 2014, 6:25 PM
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Default Update to my Warning to Consumers about Air Canada

In response to my 20 January 2014 post, "Burgers" stated that there are "always a few malcontents everywhere".

Well, perhaps. But I am one of many, not a few, who have had outrageously bad experiences with Air Canada. For example, today (3 February 2014) on the Customer Service Scoreboard website (, there are 265 negative ratings for Air Canada. That is more negative ratings than for Air France, KLM, and Quantas *combined*.

I can report that Air Canada finally did return the suitcase, 38 days after they lost it. One of its two handles was gone, and the main closure latch was damaged, probably beyond repair. As a gesture of their "concern," Air Canada offered a 25% discount on a future trip, as long as I fly with them within 12 months.

Knowing what I now know about the risks of flying on Air Canada, a 25% discount is more insult than incentive.

I repeat: Stay away from Air Canada if you can.
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