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COMPLAINT: Delta says the problem is weather-related; that's not true

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Old Jun 26, 2007, 3:09 PM
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Yesterday (June 25) the 2:08 p.m. flight from Portland, Ore., to Atlanta was held at the gate for 2+ hours. The explanation was that severe weather at ATL caused the FAA to institute an air traffic control hold; no traffic would be permitted to land or depart at Hartsfield while this was in effect. This morning I went and double-checked. I counted approximately 120 arrivals during the time this mandatory hold was in effect, and about 180 departures.

Plain lying to your customers is reprehensible.

Just be honest with me; I can deal with the truth.

I was hoping the "new" Delta would demonstrate improved customer service. Boy, was I wrong.
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Old Aug 20, 2007, 1:30 PM
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Last night my flight from Atlanta to Panama City was delayed (2+ hours). Then it was cancelled, then it was rescheduled so it would only be a 1+ hour delay AND it was a different gate. Good thing I happened to notice this on a monitor as I was headed to eat dinner assuming I had 2 hours to wait.

Originally I was told it was because of weather.

When we got on the plane, the pilot told us it was because the captain's seat was broken and they had to replace it. Then the captain told us that they have a lot of mechanical issues with these older planes. Wow, thanks for making me feel safe. Maybe the propeller will fall off in mid flight.
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The problem is not with Delta, it is the FAA. Basically in bad weather planes can still depart and arrive but at a reduced rate. Good weather means 60 t/o or landings per hour. Bad weather maybe 20. Don't forget that ATL has 5 runways that are maxed out 24/7. So when weather gets bad not everyone can fit into the traffic flow and you can either get up in the air and wait in a metal tube or wait at the airport.

You decide. HaHA
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