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Default American Airlines...never again

We have just completed a six week trip in Europe. Our round trip flights were scheduled first class.
We had a return flight booked from London Stansted to NYC on 5/18/08 at 6:30PM. AA cancelled the flight and did not notify us but I happened to check and found this out before we went to London and so I re-scheduled for a flight from London Heathrow to NYC at the same time, plus moved our hotel from a Stansted to Heathrow hotel for the night before. On 5/18 I pulled up the flight to check in online and got the automated message to call AA which I did and was told AA had cancelled this flight also. I talked to an AA international customer service person and after keeping me on hold for several minutes she came back and told me she had put us on an AA 8PM in first class. We went to the airport about several hours before the flight and went to the AA counter where we were told that indeed our flight had been cancelled and we were booked in coach. I told the agents (there were two) that this was not acceptable because we paid for first class not coach, but their attittude was we should be happy that they put us on the 8PM flight at all. A third agent came out and had the same attitude. I asked if they had paid for first class how would they feel about not one but two flights being cancelled and then being put in coach. None of them seemed to have any concept that there was a problem with this. After about 30 minutes we ended up getting the flight changed to Virgin Atlantic first class. I will never schedule a flight with American Airlines again. With the cancelling of flights and the rude customer service I will be surprised if AA survives much longer. They will never get a penney more from us.
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Default Hopefully, AA might have had a different attitude at another Euro city.

It seems, short of losing money, AA may have had no options to keep you as a customer. Hotels at Heathrow are expensive. So paying for a hotel room there, so you could get FC seating the next day, was probably out of the question. A limo back to Stansted, with a hotel there, would probably be, equally, cost prohibitive.

At, comparitively, low cost Euro cities--such as Milan, or in Spain, I would like to think AA would have enough brains to figure-out that putting a FC customer up for the night would be worth their time.

I guess you're supposed to be thankful AA made the "grand" gesture of booking you onto Virgin Atlantic!
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AA is pathetic. My wife has been delayed 4 times now for the same flight. These __ clowns should be going bankrupt and they should never be bailed out. Let them fail, and all their -- jack$ss pilots get fired/laid off!!!

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