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Exclamation Air Canada overcharged me by$4300.00

This is unbelievable, when I spoke to air canada they said, "nope no errors or over charges". This is very upsetting my credit card statement tells me that they have indeed charged me twice for the same tickets. where do I go from here? I guess i have been scammed by what people think is a reputable company. AIR CANADA NEVER AGAIN!
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I know you'll be going through hoops, but that's a lot of dough. If you have statements showing a double charge, u should fight to get that back post haste.
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This seems to be a common issue - Air Canada seem to regularly charge customers TWICE. In the first instance they take the total ticket price, then two days later they take payment for each individual ticket. I'm presuming at best this is a problem with their systems and at worst the fact they haven't done anything about it proves they care little about customer service.

Incident = Air Canada have doubled up on payment authorisation causing £1998.20 to be frozen in my bank account for 7-10 working days.

I booked my tickets online on the 7th July and paid £1998.20 by Visa Debit Card. Two days later by account was deducted by two payments each of £998.10. As these amounts don\'t match the authorised amount, £1998.20 remains frozen by my bank despite Air Canada recieving full payment. I have contacted their reservations department and had lengthy conversations but NO ASSISTANCE WAS OFFERED WHATSOVER and am simply told that I must wait 7-10 working days for the amount to unfreeze.

I find this is totally unacceptable and am appalled at their complete lack of assistance in resolving this situation. My bank have told me what they need to do which is simply to reverse the original request and £1998.20 of my money will IMMEDIATELY be unfrozen.

Why dont they do it???
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You might be better off to contact accounting directly explaining the charge / Authorization situation. I don't have enough info to understand exactly what happened but normally a charge is only broken down if two or more tickets are purchased and the same auth is applied to all purchases. If the problem has originated at AC they can trace. If the problem resides at the bank end (two charges adding up the total charge auth but they don't see it that way) I don't have a suggestion there.

Go to this link:

Fill in the top (include ticket number)
Fill in area dealing with an explanation of what happened.

If the Card company didn't clear the original auth - they had to issue new ones for each charge - please send those so if AC has to call the card involved they will have the info to match up what happened.

Sorry to hear this happened.
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Default Thanks!

Part of the frustration is that its very difficult to find out who to contact. Though I was talking to a supervisor in 'Website Customer Services' it seemed to be an extension of reservations and they didn't really grasp the notion of bank authorisations. Furthermore the first time I called I was told they could see two payments recieved on their system and the second time I called I was told they could only see one - so not sure if I was being given all the info. I had an inkling something was amiss when the payment didn't go through immediately. There was a two day delay before the two payments went through whereas normally when I book flights the money is deducted at the time of the transaction.

So many thanks indeed for the link, I'll have a go!!

Much appreciated.
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Hi Survivor!

All done - but since there is a five day reply time it probably wont do me much good! Shame to see all these issues with Air Canada, in the UK the airline has good perception. I've flown AC many times before without any problems and in fact had far worse experiences on BA. Hope there's hope for improvements!

Thanks again
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Thats a 'canned' response to temper expectations, my understanding is they are actioning things quicker than what you are being told. I hope that is true..

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