Flights Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Were you on a flight that was delayed, canceled, or overbooked?

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Old Aug 30, 2008, 7:55 PM
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Thumbs down Worst Flights Ever! Delay, Baggage, and Customer Service

On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, my family and I booked a flight from SFO to GDL with a stop in Phoenix. We checked in with the ticket agent and it took him almost an hour to process our tickets and check our bags. It seemed like he did NOT know what the heck he was doing (he had 2 people looking over his shoulder telling him what to do). I guess the computer was trying to charge us twice for our checked bags. When he FINALLY finished, we had 10 min to get to the plane & get through security. After arriving in Phoenix (at Gate A26) and boarding our connecting flight to Guadalajara (at Gate A3), we were told there was a problem with the plane and we would be taking another plane (at Gate A26!). Once on board, i guess they felt they owed us something so they gave us ONE free beverage for the delay.

Once we arrived at GDL, and we went to claim our luggage, my cousin noticed that her luggage was missing. She went to find someone to help her & was told that they would send it to her by at least tomorrow. To top it off, she was only in Mexico for 5 days and needed the bag for a special event that was happening that Saturday (she is a professional freelance makeup artist and was doing an important celebration. The luggage had all of the makeup, tools, jewelry, gifts, and her clothes for just those 5 days!). For the next couple of days, she called and called and was told, "oh, we THINK we know where it's at. You should have it by tomorrow at 9am," or "yes, we have it. Call us tomorrow morning cause it won't be here until very late at night." She did not get her bag until THAT Saturday morning (THE day of the event), AND it came wrapped in plastic because they had broken the locks. The contents were moved about and you could tell it had been searched many times.

On the day of our returning flight, August 26, 2008, we were scheduled to leave GDL at 2:50pm, arrive at 5pm at Phoenix, and get to SFO at 6:44pm PST. We did arrive at Phoenix around 5pm. However, we we boarded our flight to SFO, we were told the plane was having a maintenance problem and we were to wait in our seats for 35 to 45 min (!?!). After 45 min, one of the flight attendants said we would need to get off because there was no pilot or crew and they did not know what was going on. SOOOOO, again we had to get off and wait for US Airways to find a flight for us. Many passengers asked about flights out to the Bay Area, and nobody could get a clear answer out of any of the rude representatives. When I finally went up to them to ask about ANY flight out, the lady rudely asked me to step aside so she could help the 2 people after me (I went up to the desk with my aunt, her 2 young daugheters, my young cousin, and an elderly lady that did not speak English so we could get flights out. I think she pushed us aside because we had a large party. But, of course, she did not apologize or give any reason for making us wait another 20 min). When we finally were attended, the only flight we could get was at 9:54pm. This meant that we had to wait 5 HOURS in Phoenix, and would not get home to SFO until 12am (it took us almost 12 HOURS to gethome!!!). My aunt had two young girls with her who were very ill, and it was so difficult for her to have the 4 yr old vomiting in the bathroom and trying to find diapers for the 2 year old who also had an upset stomach. By the time we did get on the plane, we were all exhausted. They did not apologize or offer any kind of food or drinks for the worst flying experience we have EVER had. We are never flying US Airways AGAIN. We would rather pay more and fly with another airline that does not treat us with kindess and decency.
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Default Ship important items ahead!

As I, and others, have said, in other posts, SHIP IMPORTANT ITEMS AHEAD by UPS, Fedex, or DHL. If it's that important, then it's worth the extra cost.

If you dig through this site you can find more than one instance of people having to buy a duplicate set of clothes for a wedding--because they checked their original set with an airline, and it was either lost, or delayed. It astounds me that even some female road warriors will think nothing of putting that all-important outfit they plan to wear to a presentation in checked baggage, then wonder why it's not waiting for them at baggage claim.

The attitude and problems you described exist with, almost, all airlines nowdays. Guadalajara, like some Carribbean destinations, is one of those places where, in today's age of mediorcre airline service, one must allow two days to get to, and from, there: One day as far as Dallas or Houston--and the next day, non-stop, to GDL.
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Default how to get compensation from US Air

I fly 6-8 time a year. Everytime I fly US Air itis one issue after another which results in a complaint and a discount coupon. Last year was the final straw.

I booked a lst minute flight in which I had to get a paper ticket? Never heard of that one but when I am boarding on my departing flight, the ticket agent took both my tickets. When I get to my destination hotel, I realised what happended and call the 800 number. After being on h old for 25 minutes, I final am told they can resolve the issue at the airport when I depart.

When I get to the airport, I end up talking to three different ticket agents and supervisors. I end having to buy a new ticket which is $140 mre than my round trip ticket cost and told there is no refund option. When I get back home I have two written e-mail exchanges where I was told I get all but $50 , then $75 and Then $100 of my replacement ticket and it be 12 weeks for a refund.

I finally call American Express and Dispute the charge. I send Amex all of my written exchanges with US Air. Within two weeks ,which is one week after I filed my refund with US Air, I got a full credit.

People dispute the charges with your credit card company and get the airline to put their excusesit in writing.

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