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Frontier Airlines Complaints>Lynz Aviation subsidiary of FRONTIER AIRLINES
DenverDude1234 10:48 PM Jan 26, 2008
I have now been expose to three flights on the Q 400 Lynz planes.

1. The noise level is completely unacceptable inside the aircraft. Flight attendants and passengers exposed to this enviroment for a period of time will have hearing loss. I also experienced headaches on each of the flights because of the noise level. The vibration of the plane is most uncomfortable when seated because the metal legs transfer all the momentum throughout the whole seat of the passenger.

2. The flight route in question is between Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO. It is a turbulent flight in an airbus and this is much worse being a turbo prop airplane. My concern for the upcoming warming trend along the Rocky Mountains is much more severe turbulence for the one hour and thirty minute duration of the flight. It could be a grueling experience even for the seasoned traveler.

3. I can not find any infomation on Lynz Aviation. I can not determine the age of the aircraft and where it was manufactured. I question these are retrofitted planes that have been brought out from the storage. These planes could be 1970's vintage. Could there be cracks that have been recently painted over? This may be an exaggeration, but after having three miserable flight experiences I may not be too far off in my thinking.

4. The route is never on a discounted fare so rates are high making it questionable why a turbo prop is needed. The service is minimal with all the pleasantries of the flight crew of wanting to make the experience very pleasant. Ear plugs should be handed out on each flight. Comfort is given no consideration by Fronter Airlines on these puddle jumper flights. A one hour and one-half time period is completely out of line for the industry to have its passengers endure the uncomfortable conditions.

5. Flying Lynz Aviation by Frontier Airlines is an unpleasant experience ifand one may incur serious health and safety issues if they choose to fly with this company.
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