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Default We were abandoned

Jan 19, 2012. We flew from Lihue HI to Oakland CA on flight 886.

The equipment came in from Seattle and because of snow and ice there quite understandably the plane was late arriving in Lihue and consequently quite late leaving. Crappy SEATAC weather, everybody was cool and no hard feelings. But then of course it was very late arriving in Oakland and Alaska unceremoniously dumped 130 passengers into a virtually closed airport at 2:15AM, in the rain and cold, some passengers still wearing sandals and aloha shirts. There was no one there to help, ticket counters dark, no cabs to be seen, the rental car agencies closed. I know Lihue and Oakland staff were talking on the phone about exactly this issue before the flight left LIH. In Lihue gate staff assured us we would be covered, yet no Alaska rep was around to assist when we arrived. We were left on our own. Really shabby. A local cop in Oakland finally helped get cabs dispatched to the airport.

I wrote to Alaska about this 48 hours ago and haven't heard back from them. Again, really shabby.
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I'm not trying to be a jerk but if you were in charge of this situation, what would have been your call? Delay the flight till the airport vendors were open? Cancel the flight? Tell the passengers to dress warmer for their arrival into OAK? There were airline staff available otherwise the flight would not have been sent and marshaled into the gate. Dictate to the cab companies each delay they have and to make sure the cab companies operate appropriately? Tell the rental car companies their hours of service?

I'm not really sure, other than the ticket counter lights being off, what more they could do?
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Well sorry that happend..yes in Seattle it was really bad weather..sorry that the airport in Oakland was not ready for the incoming passengers..yes people should of been there to help you..The airline should of book hotels before you guys got to Oakland and got your taxies ready when your plane arrived in Oakland..sorry that nothing was there for you.
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For passengers who missed a connecting flight, yes rooms should have been booked.

Otherwise, for those in which OAK is their destination, you'd be on your own anyway, yes?

Agents should have been more visible perhaps, certainly the baggage office should have been open to receive the incoming flight. Was it?

Other than that, no airline can make vendors or other non-airline owned services change their policies and hours.

And those who didn't dress properly? Flying into Oakland in January? They were idiots.

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