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American Airlines Complaints>Hurricane Matthew rebook charges
RichardD 4:00 PM Oct 6, 2016
I had a scheduled trip to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday and return on Friday 10/7. This would put me squarely in the heart of where and when hurricane Matthew landed in Florida. Out of precaution and following government warnings I cancelled the trip.
American wants to charge a $200 rebooking fee. Hurricanes are inconveniences and we all suffer loss and inconvenience. However, AA wants to minimize any loss to them by sticking it to customers. (I have flown them for 945,000 miles).
To promote traveling into a dangerous area and straining all other resources is simply unconscionable.
travgrl 5:57 PM Oct 14, 2016
I, too was subjected to a loss of one way ticket/penalty on AA during Hurricane Matthew. My travel from Charleston on 8 OCT. 2016 was for a meeting (cancelled) due to statewide evacuation, hurricane force winds and category 2 hurricane. Customer relations (Tony Rizza) stated that AA was consistent with other carriers in refund policies during disasters...NOT TRUE!. My one way fare into Charleston 36H earlier was changed to travel any time until 30 Sept. 2017. AA would only permit travel without penalty until 14 OCT. 2016.
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