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Default Bad Customer Service!!!!!

American Airlines

First I will start this letter off by saying I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I received from not 1, not 2, but 3 supervisors at American Advantage and reservations departments. Because of the way I was treated with this situation, I will probably no longer be flying with American Airlines. As a customer, I do have choices in air travel and I will not fly with a company that doesn't stand by what their employees tells their customers.

I am writing you concerning a situation and conversation I had with three Advantage and reservation so called supervisors. I called concerning a award ticket that I had booked for Oct 11th 2009. I ended up canceling this flight back in 2009. When I called up and canceled I was told that I have 1 year from date of travel to use this ticket which would be Oct 11th 2010. When I called up to use this ticket I was told that since it was booked on Oct 5th that I only had up until Oct 5th to use the ticket. I told her that its not my fault your employee gave me miss information, I was told that I had 1 year from the date of travel.

I was then told we will make an exception and give me back the mileage for a $150 fee. I then asked so you want me to pay for your employees mistake.

When I asked for names from all 3 Supervisors, all got was the run around and was treated quite rude. The 3 supervisors in question are Judy (wouldn't give me full name), John Emerson, Denise who was the rudest of them all.


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You can file a complaint, but it will unfortunately probably become "you said-they said."

You can perhaps file with the consumer affairs office for your state (usually a function of the attorney general's office), this has worked for me in the past with other businesses.

A point though, one year from Oct 11, 2009, expires on October 10, 2010. That's 365 days (not counting a leap year).
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They did end up chargeing the $150 and putting the mileage back in my account, but to off set the $150 they issued a travel vocher for the same amount

If you have a complaint with American do not ask forva supervisor, call customer service and ask for the customer relations department

Thank you American...
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Default Mrs Naomi Blom

I have tried time and time again to speak with customer services departments at American Airlines, I have never got anywhere with any of them. Where does the buck stop. I have my own business, in fact my family has been in business since 1860.
Surely, everyone knows that customers' do not like to be lied to. My son's carry on bag was just taken and placed on a conveyor belt at Chicago O'Hare airport on 10/10/2010. Obviously, we protested as it was NOT bar-coded, we knew that it would not end up in Orlando, our final destination. The bag included duty free cigarettes, a white duty watch, some after eight mints, a warm and expensive white wool coat, the very worst thing that could have possibly have been in there was my son Adrian's gaming laptop, I believe an Mx11, he saved so hard for this, although it was in checked luggage at Heathrow, we had to repack our bags and he thought that he could play it on the domestic flight down to Orlando.

No-one at American Airlines can understand and no-one wants to know. This small hard carry on was simply picked off the floor by an Americam Airlines employee. I asked them to just stop the belt and return it. They just ignored me.

This is an extremely uncaring airline

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