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Alaska Air / Horizon Air Complaints>stolen items from luggage
genius 2:48 PM May 3, 2007
after arriving to my destination in Mexico I found out my video camara was stolen from my check-in lugagge.

I complain to Alaska airlines, TSA and also made a police report. What upsets me the most is the arrogance, defensive attitude and poor treatment I got from Alaska employees. Not only do they denied any responsabilities for stolen electronics, but are very fast to put the blame on TSA. I got far better traetment from the TSA employees including the supervisor in LA. To make things worst another passenger from the same flight got his laptop stolen, when he got back to L.A. he was told he had to go back to Cancun and file a complain with Alaska airlines in Mexico since he found out it was gone when he arrived there.
Yesterday I e-mail them and got a response saying that because of the high volume of e-mails I will not get an answer for at least 8 weeks.
I will wait and will post a review with the outcome when they respond back.
On the mean time I will tell everyone to avoid them like the plague.
Gromit801 5:26 AM Aug 10, 2007
You evidently have no clue, that Alaska does NOT handle the luggage at LAX? The only people who touch it after the tags are applied and set on the belt, are the TSA's and the contracted ground handlers (not Alaska employees).

Why on earth did you pack an expensive piece of gear in your check through luggage, instead of in your carry on? Same to the guy who lost his laptop.


It's posted at almost every airline that they are NOT responsible for your electronics. The x-ray scanners that TSA uses on ALL check through luggage going on board the plane can fry the electronics.

Electronic gear of any kind belongs in your carry on.
Traveler 1:25 PM Oct 30, 2010
So its perfectly acceptable to for airline employees, TSA employees, or airport personnel to steal anything they wish. Really? Oh wait, its just electronics that are OK to steal? You post a sign and now it's OK?
stevicus 3:56 PM Oct 30, 2010
Originally Posted by Traveler:
So its perfectly acceptable to for airline employees, TSA employees, or airport personnel to steal anything they wish. Really? Oh wait, its just electronics that are OK to steal? You post a sign and now it's OK?
I don't think it's okay. I think the airlines should take some responsibility in this. They can't just post a sign and give their employees a license to steal from the customers. Maybe if the sign said something like "Our employees are potential thieves and low-lifes, but it's not our fault that we hired them," it might give the passenger a more accurate picture in order to properly assess the risk.

If it was TSA doing the stealing, then that's even more disconcerting, since they were hired specifically to safeguard the safety of airline passengers and crews. They have to be trustworthy, and if they're not, it kind of defeats the purpose of even having them on the job at all. If they can't screen out petty thieves from their ranks, then they don't inspire much confidence in being to handle bigger problems.
jimworcs 10:32 PM Oct 30, 2010
Spot on Stevicus... I would love to see that sign... because declaiming any responsibility is tantamount to admitted they employ a bunch of thieves. On the other hand.. they are managed by a bunch of thieves too.. so what can we expect?
Traveler 4:57 PM Oct 31, 2010
It just seems stupid to be all but strip searched to get on a plane, have everything you are carrying examined by x-ray machines and pat downs but to totally ignore that employees of the airline, TSA and airport are 'allowed' access to your check baggage and if they take a few things OUT, it's OK but they are really forbidden to put anything 'IN'? Shouldn't they be a little more interested in keeping an eye on things behind the scenes?
Researcher 7:13 PM Dec 22, 2010
Dear user: I am developing a Doctoral research on Mishandled baggage (see General Discussion- Mishandled Baggage Research ) Could you please, provide the airline complaint form (minus personal information) you filled with the airline or send me an email to [email protected] and I will send a survey. The survey is very similar to the one you must file with the airline and does not contain personal information.
Thanks before hand
playmaker 4:57 AM Jan 27, 2012
If you see that your missing items from your bag when you get to your destination make sure you see a TSA pamphlet in your bag. It shows that TSA opened your bag. Make a claim with the airline and with TSA and with the Police. Better reporting it to everyone. Sorry that happened. Remember TSA can see everything in your bag with there bag scanner machines. So just be alert!
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