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Old Apr 6, 2016, 12:32 PM
Auntbea74 Auntbea74 is offline
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Never again will I fly with Air Canada. Their customer service and service overall is HORRIBLE. I had a flight out of Vancouver, BC to Seattle then connecting to Washington Dulles. What a HUGE MISTAKE I made flying with them. This was my first international flight and I have never flown with Air Canada before so I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know I would regret it. I arrived at my gate on time and the flight was expected to depart at about 6:15 pm Pacific Time. At 6:35 pm the flight crew, tech's and customer service reps where all outside standing around the aircraft trying to determine what the problem was and at 6:45 the ticket agent comes back in from outside and said they had to change the tire. Now mind you they told us at 6:30 pm that the flight would be just a few minutes late because it came in late. But we found out 30 minutes later that was a lie and the true issue was mechanical which was the tire. All the while the two other ticket agents that showed up sat there at their counters arguing with the ticket agent supervisor over who was supposed to be at the ticketing desk and who should be outside. Ugh....annoying. Once we boarded I couldn't get my carry on in the overhead bin because it was just too small. So the flight attendant then asked me to put it underneath the seat...but if it was too large to fit in the overhead bin because it was a small plane then how the heck was it going to fit underneath the seat. So I tried but that didn't work. So the flight attendant wanted me to walk it to the front and back outside the plane and I thought it was ridiculous. I asked the flight attendant to do it and he got really nasty and started to pretend as if I was the nasty one as he repeated ma'am don't use foul language even though I never did. He took the luggage and went outside to check it at the bottom of the plane and then he took my boarding pass. He asked me to bring the boarding pass to him and I did and then he said you can have a seat and I'll bring it to you. Which he never did bring it back and he never gave me a ticket for my luggage he checked either. The plane finally left Vancouver over an hour late. Once we made it to Seattle and during our exit off the plane. I asked the flight attendant for my boarding pass so I could transfer to my connecting flight. He then lied to my face and said he didn't take it from me. He goes "I didn't take your boarding pass" LIAR LIAR!! He then told me to ask the gate attendant who didn't know what the heck I was talking about. I then ran over to my connecting gate to try and find someone that could help me and saw the ramp door open to my connecting flight. I was so distraught.....I didn't know where my carry on bag was or my boarding pass so I walked down the ramp of my connecting flight back to Dulles looking for someone, not even thinking you can't just walk down the ramp. (They were probably prepping the connecting flight and had the ramp door open) But I was so distraught and discombobulated from the previous flight I walked down the ramp looking for someone. I stood at the door at the end of the ramp waiting for someone and just started crying....I didn't know what to do. I thought my bag was in Canada and I had no boarding pass. Next thing I know one of the gate security guys was flagging me back up the ramp and asking me what happened. I told him and then he got the flight attendant who was supposed to be at the gate. I told her to get the supervisor and then they started with the defensive talk. "Calm down or you're going to jail" "You better calm down or you going to be arrested" Seriously! I was humiliated, and belittled by now United Airlines and Air Canada. The gate security then told me the cops would be coming up and they did. The cop that came was a jerk....he started accusing me of trying to open the door to the tarmack and pressing buttons and then he threatened to take me to jail saying who are you talking to. They were all nasty and racist. They treated me that was because I was black and they thought they could get away with it. I have called a team of attorney's this morning and I'm going to hold everyone involved in this incident accountable and I will be compensated. Oh and I won't be flying with United Airlines anymore either.
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Old Apr 6, 2016, 9:33 PM
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I almost felt bad for u until u pulled the race card. Time for a reality check.
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Old Apr 6, 2016, 9:58 PM
Auntbea74 Auntbea74 is offline
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Well it's unfortunate you don't see it and you're obviously not a person of color. He did it intentionally because I am black and that's the ugly reality. Fortunately my mom is a flight attendant and I know he should have given me a check-in ticket for my carry on bag that he took and put under the plane and he should have given me my boarding pass back. Now had I been a white girl he would have but because I "look" like a Young African-American he didn't give a sh!$ and he had an attitude because he had to deal with the luggage. You may be blind but I'm not. And the United Airlines flight attendant at the connecting gate went and retrieved the boarding pass from him with the luggage check-in tag that HE SHOULD HAVE GIVEN ME. AND SHE CONFIRMED THAT HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN THAT LUGGAGE WITHOUT GIVING ME A CHECK-IN TAG!!
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