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Old Jun 7, 2011, 6:24 PM
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We had an issue about having our seats changed on an flight to Hawaii. Won't bore you with details but at last minute our assigned seats were changed without notice to much poorer seats and gate person was nice but limited in what she could do. Alaska Did follow up with an actual phone call. A first from any airline. They offered to make it right on the next flight in a very concrete fashion.

Thanks. We all make mistakes, but this is the first time I've experienced an airline actually do something about it.
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Old Jul 21, 2011, 6:50 PM
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To Whom This May Concern

I am writing to you about my experience with your ground service on July 20 around 8pm at LAX. Your ground service staff were both ignorant and incompetent. As a result, it really made my travel with you on flight 707 unnecessarily complicated and stressful.

Problem 1
I checked in online but was not able to print my boarding pass due to the lack of access to a printer. I arrived at the airport at 8.05pm. I was not able to use the machine to print the boarding pass. I went to the agent and was informed that the flight was closed (the departure time was 9pm). I explain to the agent that I had already checked in and all I needed was a hard copy boarding pass. I was told the same thing again. This circular conversation went on for 15 minutes and at which time, I was referred to the supervisor. The supervisor took the same line of explanation for another 5 minutes until she took another look at my record and discovered that I have already checked in. Then it was already 8.30pm. She then told me I was not going to make the flight because the security wait was over 30 minutes. She reluctantly printed me the boarding pass after I told her I am an Executive Platinum member of American Airlines AAdvaantage program(xxxxxxx, 4.5 million program miles). I went through the security line (using the first class line) and got to the gate in 10 minutes!

Problem 2
During boarding, the gate agent asked me to put my luggage in the measurement cage. I informed her that it is a standard 22 inch Tumi. She insisted I do that and told me that if it does not fit it does not go on the plane! Well, it fit perfectly. It is a standard 22 in Tumi! I have flown over 2 million miles butt in the seat miles in the last 20 years and have never ONCE been asked to do that! Furthermore, the flight (AS707) was not full at all. There were 25 seats open. Indeed, the seat next to my seat was open. What is the purpose or justification for her action? A gate agent that does not even recognize a 22 in. Tumi should not be doing gate duty.

I fly Alaska mainly on two routes. YVR to and from SFO and YVR to and from LAX. I have already switched to Air Canada for the YVR to and from SFO flight due to the lack of non stop being operated by your airlines. The only reason I am still flying your Airlines between YVR and LAX is because of the Aadvantage program. However, this experience today is making me re-evaluate this decision.


James Chong
Techlive Inc.
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Old Jul 22, 2011, 4:08 AM
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A. You didn't give yourself enough time. You knew you were having a problem by not being able to print your boarding pass. You should have been there two hours early. That's the recommended time, get there two hours early.

B. TSA requires that all carry-ons must go through the sizer. The airlines have no say so in this.
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Old Jul 22, 2011, 8:44 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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If the TSA require every bag go through the sizer, how come the customer has never been asked to do it before. By the way, neither have I when travelling in the US
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Old Jul 23, 2011, 7:14 PM
Gromit801 Gromit801 is offline
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Regardless, it's still a TSA rule. If you haven't been asked to size your carry on, then the CSA's are slacking.
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Old Jul 24, 2011, 10:32 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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I'm afraid Gromit, you are wrong. The TSA has no such rule. Here is the relevant regulation:

The relevant law controlling passenger carry-on baggage is found in Title 14 of the US Code of Federal Regulations,* (Aeronautics and Space PART 121—OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: DOMESTIC, FLAG, AND SUPPLEMENTAL OPERATIONS
Subpart T—Flight Operations
§ 121.589 Carry-on baggage.
(a) No certificate holder may allow the boarding of carry-on baggage on an airplane unless each passenger's baggage has been scanned to control the size and amount carried on board in accordance with an approved carry-on baggage program in its operations specifications. In addition, no passenger may board an airplane if his/her carry-on baggage exceeds the baggage allowance prescribed in the carry-on baggage program in the certificate holder's operations specifications.

(b) No certificate holder may allow all passenger entry doors of an airplane to be closed in preparation for taxi or pushback unless at least one required crewmember has verified that each article of baggage is stowed in accordance with this section and
§121.285 (c) and (d).

(c) No certificate holder may allow an airplane to take off or land unless each article of baggage is stowed:

(1) In a suitable closet or baggage or cargo stowage compartment placarded for its maximum weight and providing proper restraint for all baggage or cargo stowed within, and in a manner that does not hinder the possible use of any emergency equipment; or

(2) As provided in §121.285 (c) and (d); or

(3) Under a passenger seat.

(d) Baggage, other than articles of loose clothing, may not be placed in an overhead rack unless that rack is equipped with approved restraining devices or doors.

(e) Each passenger must comply with instructions given by crewmembers regarding compliance with paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), and (g) of this section.

(f) Each passenger seat under which baggage is allowed to be stowed shall be fitted with a means to prevent articles of baggage stowed under it from sliding forward. In addition, each aisle seat shall be fitted with a means to prevent articles of baggage stowed under it from sliding sideward into the aisle under crash impacts severe enough to induce the ultimate inertia forces specified in the emergency landing condition regulations under which the airplane was type certificated.

You'll note that these regulations do not specify sizes or weights.* But they do say the airline must enforce its own policies. It does not specify that the airline must require the baggage be put through the sizer... If it did every airline, on every flight would be non compliant.
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