In-flight Issue
COMPLAINT: Had to sit with my head by my knees for 6 hours!!

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Old Mar 23, 2012, 2:29 AM
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I just flew back from Hawaii to portland ore. on Alaska Airlines for work purposes. It is about a 6 hour flight. Now I am a bigger guy, about 6'2" and 240 lbs with broad shoulders. I got seated and settled in for the long flight and was okay until a very large, approximately 400 to 500lb woman got wheel chaired onto the plane and seated next to me. Now, I am not a rude person by any means and I know what it's like to be bigger. But, This ladies shoulder/arm was taking up half of my seat! I could not even sit back in my chair because her arm was in the way. I could not move to another seat due to the flight being completely full. I had to sit the entire 6 hour flight leaning forward with my head down by my legs! The lady had only one seat and definitely needed 2. There was no possible way she fit in one seat. Expecially when this is a 6 hour flight and the plane is completely booked, she should have been made to have two seats. Why should I have to pay the same as everyone else and have an absolutely horrible and PAINFUL flight. I have video showing how much of my seat she was taking up and how I had to lean so far forward for 6 HOURS!! My back was killing after the flight and still is today.
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Old Mar 23, 2012, 3:18 PM
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The contract agents that work for AS in Hawaii have been a problem, and drop the ball far too often. I can't wait for the day AS puts their own people at those counters. They should have immediately told the large woman that she would have to wait for a flight with two seats available.

Once on the flight however, the FA should have declared the heavy person could not safely fly.

Have you bothered to complain to the airline, or did you come to vent here first? Alaska has been pretty good about customer relations.

Oh, AFWIW, I'm 6'7" and 280. So I KNOW what it's like flying in coach.
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