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Thumbs down Check-in counter not helping at all.

Dear Mr. Ray Prentice

I was supposed to fly to Seattle on a 5:00pm flight today from San Jose airport. I have completed my check-in online this morning, arrived the airport at 4:28pm with a necessary to check in my bag. I was told by this lady name Stephanie that "you won't be able to make it; I can't let you in because the gate is closed." I asked her why would the gate closed at 4:32pm and she said "you are supposed to arrive the airport at least one hour prior to departure" which, as a frequent flyer, I supposed the check-in counter stop their check-in process/bags 30 mins prior to departure, not close the gate 30 mins prior to departure. What so ridiculous was when I told her I don’t need to check in my bag I will just have someone to take it away, she ignored me. She took my boarding pass and printed me another one, and said "you have to pay a penalty and this will get you to the next flight" I asked her if she could kindly page the boarding gate to give me 5 mins, which would be 4:40 at that time so I could have my friend pick up the luggage (who was still waiting outside), she replied "no, you can't leave your baggage here or I will have to call the police". I was like "Jesus!! I am not leaving my bag here, I only ask you to page the gate and give me 5 mins, since I already have my boarding pass, and the boarding gate is ONLY 3 mins away from here", she turned her back on me and walked away, without giving me back my boarding pass. My friend came in and took my luggage at 4:46pm, I run through the security gate without a boarding pass and luckily the San Jose airport is small enough that they actually let me in to talk to the people (since I went in with empty hand). The plane gate was closed. As I looked at my watch, it was 4:50pm. If anyone would take a look at 5/23/08’s flight number 329, this flight departs at 4:53pm. The lady at the gate was kind enough to put me on the waiting list for the next available flight. I walked out and tried to look for this “Stephanie”, which I learned her name from someone else, and was told that Stephanie she’s working on something else so she wouldn’t come out of her office. I guess my question is what could be more important than to take good care of your customer? Secondly, if she could have been more help, at least tried to page the boarding gate or suggested a quick run to the flight, I might not be sitting here complaining because at least some effort had been made. Lastly, the flight actually took off 7 mins early. This lady “Stephanie” who refused to offer help and refused to come out from her office knowing that I’d like to talk to her, is definitely not a keeper or asset to your company. Hopefully, I am the only one whom she drove away as a long term customer. I am looking forward to hearing from you in response to my question above.

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I have a response, how about getting to the airport on time to check your luggage? Sorry if that comes across as kinda mean, but from a frequent traveler to another, we get more grief because it's "expected" of us to know the rules of check in and not assume that because we checked in from home we can just walk in as we choose. (Not saying you walked in at that time because you chose to, but that is the feeling one gets when this kinda thing happens.) You made a mistake in time, it happens, but let's not fault the agent because of your lateness, though she could have been a bit more helpful, its not entirely her fault that you missed the flight.
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Default flight time

The scheduled departure time implies the time the flight should be DEPARTING the gate with all passengers on board. The paper work and computer processing of all passengers on board has to be completed before this time in order for the flight to depart on time. Sometimes a passenger who hops on board even 10 minutes before departure causes a delay since the paper work takes minutes to process. The airline employee has to answer to a boss as to why the flight was even a minute late as this affects other passengers. A late passenger checking in gets us in trouble if we allow it. We never know how long how it will take to process this paper work because every flight has its own set of unique problems that have to be fixed and calculated before departure time.
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Touché Silent Bob. I never really thought about it but we, as agents, do "expect" our frequent fliers to know the way things work. 99.9% of the time you guys are the best to serve since you know what's going on. The other .01% of the time...well...

On another note, airline employees can be the worst at being late for flights. They just think that since they're an employee they can just stroll up and get on. One time I just prayyyyed the Senior Field Analyst would please show up at the gate so I didn't have to page her in the airport, or worse close the flight without her.

In a perfect world everyone would be on time, or better yet, early! Anyone who is travelling, please be early. It has perks too! You get to change your seats, not wait in line, have a beer at the airport pub...(Not too many though wink wink)
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Wow, 3 minutes to spare, the gate agents barely got the flight out on time, which is their job. EVERYONE GET THIS! AGENTS DON'T CALL GATE AGENTS TO HOLD FLIGHTS.

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