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Default NWA/Delta using weight to avoid Work comp. Judge shoots the excuse down

Need your help, This should not happen in America
This week the temp in Minnesota will fall below -15 to -25 Imagine running out to your car after a afternoon of shopping. You race outside cursing the cold as you fumble to grab your keys. 
Now imagine waking up in your car its -25 degrees outside. The car does little to protect against the temp. 

Your body finds it hard to avoid shivering. As you fumble for your keys to warm up your car. It does not matter how many blankets you have it’s still hard to feel your toes. It takes 15 min to scrape the inside of the car then you have to do it outside the car just to see. Sounds Sad right? 

Well that is the life of Greg Staffa. He lost his house in Foreclosure because his former employer Northwest Airlines abused the Work Comp laws.

Back in 2006 Greg was working, performing his job when he got hurt. For a while it was a work comp issue but then suddenly they sent him to a new Dr they had found. This Dr decided it was cause Greg was overweight. Greg is let go that day. Greg gets a work comp lawyer. Greg finally gets his day in court vs NWA. The judge ruled that NWA blaming him being fat for his injury was based on NO medical evidance. She goes on to say there was NO logic or Common Sense used in saying his fatness had anything to do with his injury. Greg Wins.

But NWA cuts his pay by about $1000 a month and removes him of all 7 years of seniority.

Making $1000 a month less and now disabled the rest of his life, contacts his bank of 34 years who has his mortgage asking to please work something out. They basically say “pay or lose your home.”

Shortly after his Court victory Greg gets laid off again due the the merger. Turns out he is laid off because he had lost his seniority after his injury. Had he not lost his seniority he would still be at NWA/Delta.

A new VP guy gets hired at TruStone Financial, Mr. Williamson [email protected] he is willing to work something out if at the time Greg could find a job within 2 months. At the time unemployment was at 8% now it’s at 10%. The media picks up the story and emails start flooding in to his bank. But instead of addressing it Stephen Bohlig orders it to be ignored and like a coward basically hides under his desk hoping it goes away.

So Greg gets Foreclosed the Week before Christmas, 2 weeks before his Birthday (Jan 4th) . This all happened NOT because of his injury but because NWA called Greg Fat. Getting hurt at work should NEVER mean you lose seniority or have to take a $1000 a month pay cut. THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN AMERICA!!!

You can read his story here.

I am trying to start a viral campaign. Forward this onto your friends. I am asking people to write the following email addresses. Feel free to cut and paste each letter or write your own.

[email protected] VP lending
[email protected] On the board

I am writing on behalf of Greg Staffa. Your lack of compassion in throwing Mr Staffa out on the street right before christmas is the reason banks are looked down on. In this market who wins when a bank forecloses when you have someone asking to try to work out some agreement. I think the right thing for you to do is step down.

Thank you.

[email protected] Former NWA now Delta VP

Mr Cantarutti

I am writing on behalf of Greg Staffa. To treat him as you did and thus costing him his home is unforgivable. When a judge ruled in his favor his pay and seniority should have been returned. We are asking for a job to be created with his seniority intact and back pay. Failure to do so will lead to a boycott of Delta Airlines.

Thank you.

Please take a minute to cut and paste the 2 letters and leave a comment here. It was -15 below the other night. It was also Gregs Birthday

This is not a issue about weight. It is not a issue about seniority. At every turn NWA/Delta changed the rules on him. Your let go for being fat, he himself finds a way in with the same Union and everything and they cut his pay and seniority. He wins his case and they lay him off using the merger as a excuse.
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This has already been posted on this site.. why are you posting it twice.? It is annoying and counter-productive.
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Reported to admin for multiple postings.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.

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