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COMPLAINT: Breast Cancer Patient Charged Cancellation Fee

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Old Oct 22, 2011, 3:04 PM
merandol merandol is offline
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I am a 34 year old single mom of 2 diagnosed YESTERDAY with Breast Cancer. I called to cancel my flight due to medical restrictions and they charged me anyway. I enjoy flying jetblue but this is just ridiculous! What is 100$ to a major company vs a single mom with thousands of dollars in medical bills looming?

Please, Jetblue- Help me. Show the tight-knit BC club that you care.

Michelle Randolph, Austin Texas
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Old Nov 21, 2011, 10:31 PM
Matt_FLL Matt_FLL is offline
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Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. You are in my thoughts as you learn about your diagnosis. Iím sure it is very difficult to write an even-tempered letter to JetBlue under the circumstances.

Michelle, you suggested that you have several thousands of dollars in medical bills. However, you also mentioned that you were diagnosed one day prior to this post. That would be illogical if I were an airline employee reading your request for a refund. Can I assume that you had other medical problems prior to your diagnosis?

When calm, I suggest writing in your comments to JetBlue via the website which clearly and briefly explains your request. Be sure to share specific facts. For example, you eluded that your fare was $100 on your postóbe sure to put the exact amount and include your ticket or confirmation number.

You may be surprised at the response you get from JetBlue.

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Old Nov 22, 2011, 1:49 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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These slightly airline customer service type responses are interesting, but in this case missed the mark.

Matt, I am afraid Michelle did not suggest that one day after diagnosis she had already racked up several thousand dollars of bills. She used the word "looming". This means that she has not yet racked up the bills... so your expectation that the JetBlue staff would be suspicious is poorly founded. However, you appear to be practising excellent, airline style customer service responses....

1. Start with an insincere heartfelt empathy for the customer's position
2. Don't actually read the complaint, but instead deliberately miss the point and respond accordingly. Preferably using a template which bears little or no relationship to the problem at hand.
3. Try to finish on a positive note, after knifing them in paragraph two.

You should consider applying for a job in customer service at Delta. They are particularly keen to recruit people who don't read the complaint and respond insincerely, whilst continuing to screw the customer. I think you would be excellent.
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