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Default Bad service from United Airlines

Bellow is a copy of a letter I sent to United Airlines with no result.
All of the people in the US should avoid traveling with United.

29 December 2007

Mr Tilton
P.O. BOX 66100

Thomas Smith
1 KIRRIEMUIR GLEN Home +612 4261 2700
HORSLEY NSW 2530 Cell +61 408 212 549

Dear Sir

I wish to make an official complaint about our treatment by your airline. My wife and I are totally disappointed with your airline and what you did to us.

Firstly, you have given us a serious viral infection which we caught on the way from Sydney to LA on flight UA 840 on the 13 December 2007.

On arriving at LA 9.30 am we checked our luggage in to set off on our second leg and were told that flight UA 814 was delayed by weather and we would be advised at 10.00 am the new departure time. This time came and went and the next announcement was at 10.30 am stating we would be further advised at 11.00 am, this came and a further announcement was to be made 12.00 pm, this came and a further announcement was to be made at 1.00 pm, this came and a further announcement was made at 2.00 pm. While this was continuing on the passengers had already found out that this flight UA 814 to Denver had arrived into LA this morning with a faulty generator and the mechanics were trying to fix it. It had nothing to do with weather.

At 2.00pm the announcement was made to board the aircraft and the passengers started to board. We were called onto the plane. About 30 passengers were boarded and then it all stopped again.

The captain announced that he was sending for the mechanics again to test the faulty generator as he felt that it was not fixed. At 3.00 pm the captain came down to where we were standing in the boarding door and announced to the passengers that as the generator was not fixed, and to fly this aircraft it became a safety issue, we would not be going anywhere today on this aircraft.

The cabin crew said to us that the captain was acting illegally by refusing to fly this aircraft.

We were advised to go to the customer service desk to organise new arrangements. We stood in line for about 2 hours and were told that there were no flights to Denver until tomorrow. I indicated that that was not good enough as you have known since at least 9.30 am this morning that this plane would probably not be going anywhere.

After a heated exchange with your staff we were offered flight number UA 126 to Chicago, leaving at 11.00 pm 13 December 2007, with a connecting flight to Miami on flight UA 7738 leaving at 9.05 am 14 December 2007, arriving approximately 1.00 pm Miami time.

I asked, “where is my luggage”, and your Customer Service people sent me outside to the baggage controller. I spoke with this person but it really was just wasting my time as the customer service people had already sent the entire luggage that was on flight UA 814 to Denver on another aircraft.

This led me back to customer service again, only to have it confirmed that they sent all luggage to Denver. I said in Australia where we take terrorism seriously no bags travel without a passenger.
I asked “how were you going to get my luggage to us as we are not going to Denver we were now going to Chicago and then to Miami, you have no forwarding address if it gets lost”.

I also asked are you going to provide us with food and drinks as your plane has a mechanical fault, they again said no, not even a cup of coffee.

When we arrived at Chicago I contacted the head office number and again was told that the plane was cancelled due to poor weather - not mechanical fault. You are very good at not telling the truth, I am convinced that you are professional liars.

When we finally arrived in Miami, we went to your baggage claim office to see if our baggage had arrived, it had, but it was a bit on the frozen side, luckily it was only minor on the inside.

Something that should have taken about 22 plus hours to get from Sydney to Miami has taken about 50 hours.

Our sole purpose was to have a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines and after speaking with their appropriate staff about United Airlines, we had a very satisfying cruise and they have asked to be advised of the outcome of this complaint.

As you know that Carnival Cruises support your airline with promotional pricing for their cruises.

The flight home from LA to Sydney UA 827 was not much better, but what can you expect from an airline that has old and dirty aeroplanes, let alone faulty seats that move from there mounting place to where the seat base is not fixed properly and slips out from under you in flight. Also there were electrical faults with lights turning on in sections for no reason at all.

You have cost us a lot of money in lost accommodation and pre arranged sightseeing.

I am doubtful that you even care about this but I can assure you that Carnival Cruise Line do, as they do not like to lose potential passengers through the fault of an airline and that now looks like a reality.

I would like my $1000.00 US back that you have cost me.


Tom Smith
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whatever...learn to use a computer if you are going to post.
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As usual, an airline employee responds with complete empathy. Reassuring to know how empathetic they are. However, I would take issue with one issue. It can be frustrating and get you very angry when you have been so badly treated, and when you complain, you end up throwing the kitchen sink at them. I would beware of this hazard, as it can be used to discredit you. In particular, to say that
Firstly, you have given us a serious viral infection which we caught on the way from Sydney to LA on flight UA 840 on the 13 December 2007
is a mistake. How did UA do this? Did they deliberately put other people on the plane with an infection? The circulation of the air is a standard function of the airplane design, and I can't see how you can blame and airline for this. What alternative action would you expect them to have done to protect you?
The rest of your complaint is completely justified, but I would avoid adding frivilous ones because they will discredit you. UA handled this badly and you should get some redress.
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I am not an airline employee and agree with pattis, if your going to post at least learn to use a computer and I see in no way that this was unempathic, just stating a fact.
I also would like to know were the viral infection comes in to play?
Also Carnival Cruise line is not the best in the industry so them complaining about United is like the pot calling the kettle black. (Princess and Royal Carib. are the best)
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How did you guys even read that???????
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Once I got through all the "FONT" stuff, I read on, but it was difficult. I understand the bag problem, but I'm afraid the "heated exchange", and "viral infection" leaves me wondering. However, a flight from Sydney to L.A. can tend to make a passenger verrrry tired...and probably very touchy. OK...I'll give you that, as long as you weren't abusive. But the viral infection?...sorry.
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The only thing I could think of as to what countrysman was also stating besides being tired the last couple of really long flights I took, besides being tired (one of which was New Zealand from Dallas via LAX) was that on the LAX to New Zealand flight I didn't drink enought water, my fault and was dried up and sinus's were sore from being dry.
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The lack of empathy by the employee was the "whatever", which is intended to be dismissive and then only focus on a formatting problem and dismiss the substance.
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///adkfaldkj W klasdjfidag hat eilakldjalds ever

You need to stop reading so much into this.

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