COMPLAINT: Swiss Air/Lufthansa baggage disaster

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Old Feb 5, 2008, 3:24 PM
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Since the start of the festive season I have flown on Swiss and Lufthansa twice to South Africa and Dublin and back. On the first trip (16 Dec), my bag did not arrive and it is now the 5 Feb and Lufthansa has proved to be the most difficult company to deal with. Their call center is completely useless and no one ever anwsers a phone.

On the 9 Jan I left for SA again and this time, they broke a golf club. Then turned around and made it my issue, because it was a signal club.

On the 5 Feb we returned from SA to Dublin and not one of my 5 bags arrived in Dublin.

This organization is completely useless and this will be the last time I travel with them.

Does anyone esle have this experience with the baggage and baggage handling facilities?
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Old Dec 21, 2008, 3:04 PM
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I had some terrible experience with my luggage with Swiss Air as well. on the outbound, my luggage was delayed for a day (which would be tolerable) but on my return journey, two pieces got delayed -- one was found the next day but the second one, guess how long I had to wait? -- 45 days! when it finally arrived, I've lost a pair of new jeans, new trainers as well as all the food elements. No explanation was given on why it had been delayed so seriously. I'm going through a claim process but things do not look promissing. wondering what did you manage to achieve after your delayed/missing luggage so I'll learn how to proceed further.

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