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American Airlines Complaints>purchased tickets-overbooked flight-rented a car-no compensa
patricia.miller 2:48 AM Jul 31, 2007
This letter was mailed and we are awaiting a response.

We would like to attempt to begin this letter on a positive note by informing you that prior to July 8, 2007 my wife and I had traveled with American Airlines on numerous occasions. Prior to the aforementioned date, we had always been completely satisfied with the service and hospitality that we had received. On this particular Sunday, we were scheduled to fly from Madison, WI to St. Louis, MO; from there we were to take a flight to our ultimate destination, Nashville, TN. Upon arrival at the airport, the American Airlines representative informed us that our flight was overbooked and consequently leaving us stranded in Madison.
The dilemma this created was I needed to be to work at 7:00 the next morning, period. When the representative informed us that our flight had been OVERBOOKED and all other flights and airlines were completely full. the only solution for rectifying this problem was to offer us standby in Chicago the next morning, and other futile options like flying us to Dallas that evening and there putting us on standby for a flight to Memphis. This option would still force us to rent a car in Memphis and drive four hours during the wee hours of Monday morning as part of our exotic journey to get to work on time. Our only REAL option was to rent a car and drive to Nashville from Madison (9 hours).
We rented a car for a staggering sum of $406. As an added aggravation, we did not arrive at our home until 5:30 Monday morning. I went to work on Monday for ten and a half hours with no sleep at all. Since we had already purchased round-trip tickets, was it not American Airlines responsibility to fly my wife and myself to Nashville in a timely fashion?
Consequently, we feel that we should be reimbursed in full for our expense of the rental car($406 + $120 in fuel) and the 2 return tickets we never had the opportunity to use. We paid for a round trip plane ticket long before we set foot on the plane$ 558.20; in effect, we only received half of what we paid for. That is not right. We truly hope that someone at American Airlines will see this scenario for our perspective and send us some type apology worth the dollar amount listed at the bottom of the attached receipt. Thank you.

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