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Thumbs down "Personal item" and "Carry on" is a fraudulent scheme...

1. Sprit Airlines charges even for carry-ons and they made a new rule completely separate from other airlines in order to confuse and prey on the hapless customers. Their current free allowance is for a “personal item” of size 16”x14”x12” which most suitcases in the market will not fit. Their check-in baggage weight is 10 lbs less (40lbs) while other airlines are 50lbs. I think this is intentional fraud to confuse and prey.
2. This rule is also not enforced all the time and is left to the discretion of the employees at the gate and the counter. As one can understand they heavily discriminate on their decision. You can run a hidden camera operation to prove this.
3. Our luggage fit their measurement cage and they allowed us to travel one way (DTW to NYC) but charged us on our return journey. I have attached photographs of our luggage in their measurement cage. It is above the cage a bit due to the foot at the bottom of luggage.
4. Ticket counter agent at Boston threatened me with only two words which she kept on repeating “It is $40/$45 or no boarding”. We also spoke to her supervisor (who wouldn’t give his name) to no avail (“I don’t want to loose my job for 1”). I told her that I will take my chances at the gate agent to which she replied “I will be at the gate”-which turned out to be a lie. At the same time we saw many many people using their regular sized carry-ons (22"x18"x10") and not paying anything. Almost no one stowed their “personal tem” under their feet.
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Old Jul 11, 2011, 2:05 PM
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Inconsistency is a common complaint at all airlines. Many of the employees either don't know the written policies or ignore them to avoid an argument. That being said, employees who actually enforce the written company policies are only doing their job and should not be abused by passengers. It's the passengers ultimate responsibility to find out what each airlines rules are. Unfortunately, they can generally only be found in writing on the airlines website. Asking an employee about the policy will get you the wrong answer about 50% of the time (or more).
Old Jul 12, 2011, 11:08 AM
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Spirit is one of, if not the most complained about US airline. Their business model is to charge bargain-basement fares, sometimes as little as $9 - $11 each way, and then charge a-la-carte for everything, and I mean everything else. If they could charge for each sheet of toilet paper in the lavatory they would.

That being said, but not in defense of their often poor customer service practices, their pricing is made very clear during the booking process. If you were unaware of all of the additional charges you might have to pay when you arrived at the airport then apparently you did not pay very close attention during the booking process. You were also offered an opportunity during the online booking process to pre-pay for your checked luggage and carry-ons which is why you may have arrived at the conclusion that others were being allowed to get away with not paying. It is probably because they pre-paid for all of their items when they booked online. (I believe there may even be an opportunity to pre-pay for baggage and preassigned seats during online check-in as well but as I have never actually flown Spirit I can only tell you what I have heard from other Spirit customers.)

Bottom line is you bought a ticket from Spirit to get a "cheap fare" and you got what you paid for. While I agree that their employees are probably some of the unfriendliest in the industry they are tasked with collecting as many fees as they can and when your bag protruded just a tiny bit over the bag sizer that gave them the green light to do so.
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Spirit are a nightmare and to be avoided at all costs....however, your photos are puzzling. They clearly show your luggage not fitting the dimensions specified by Delta.

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