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Old Jul 30, 2013, 4:58 AM
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Thumbs down SAS night mare

Flight number. Date
SU 3583 28 July 2013

I am writing to inform you of the extremely unsatisfactory service my entire family received
from your "Transfer Service"
we boarded our flight and took off on time. Approximately one hour into the flight the pilot informed us that we were returning to Copenhagen due to aircraft problems. His first comment was that we would have maintenance completed or aircraft substitution and be back in the air in 25 minutes. Later he came on and informed us the flight was cancelled and that the "Transfer Service" would assist us.

I believed that the pilot was in communications with SAS Operations at that time. We had to fly for an additional hour to lighten the plane and burn fuel.
when we landed 80 passengers arrived at the "Transfer Service" area. There was one customer service person to help 80 angry, frustrated, confused passengers
this person worked at the speed of a paralyzed snail.

This begs the question when the pilot informed SAS Operations of the situation and was finally informed that the flight would be cancelled and for passenger to go to Transfer Service WHY WAS TRANSFER SERVICE not prepared?

After one hour two additional Customer Service personnel arrived and Their own words were "we are not experienced at this but will do the best we can"
an announcement was made that everyone on this flight would be rescheduled for the flight tomorrow and be given vouchers for meals and hotels. They also stated that there were a few seats for an Aeroflot flight scheduled for 23:40 that night (14 hour wait). If we chose this option our baggage would be re-tickets and be aboard this flight.
After about two hours my number was called by the Customer Service agent.
I requested to fly on the late flight at 23:40 that night.

The agent, her name was Corina, determined that there were seats on that flight to allow all 5 of my family to be on that flight. It was taking an additional hour for Corina to rebook all of our flights, she took the old baggage checks so she could re-ticket the baggage. Corina provided for vouchers for my family, told us to go eat and that stated "go eat, I will complete all necessary paper work and have your tickets on the counter for you when you return. Just come to the front of the line and let an Customer Service agent know That your tickets are ready. I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED"

When we returned Corina was gone, I went to the front and asked for my tickets. Finally a CR person went and looked for my tickets and nothing was completed. worse was that the baggage tickets from earlier flight were nowhere to be found.
this CR person started over and eventually found our baggage tickets numbers using the computer system.
So now we have a 14 hour wait. We still did not have boarding passes and were told that we will get them at the gate.
Finally we go to our gate and my Son, Dmitry Suvorov and his girlfriend Liudmila Syutkina did not have Boarding passes as their reservations were not "Linked".
with just 2 minutes to flight departure we finally were provided "Stand By" tickets.
of course when we landed in Moscow Dmitry and Luda's luggage did not arrive. We are still waiting for this luggage.
When we originally checked in for the Flight booked on Aeroflot web site we had to pay 450Kr for one bag too many. We were told by the check-in agent that this was an SAS flight and the fact that my son Dmitry, due to his current status as a frequent flyer of Aeroflot was allowed 3 free Bags had no bearing on SAS flights.
When we finally were successfully re-booked it was on an Aeroflot flight so that additional fee for this Third piece of luggage should be returned and so should the missing luggage.

My family has been traveling for over 25 years, in fact I have over 25 years in the airline And space industry. I must say that the service provided by SAS is the worst service I have ever received or witnessed.
my family lost one day each, still have missing luggage, and suffered unbelievable stress and anxiety. We feel that the integrity of Corina is demanding of her being fired. Corina gave me her word, and I guess that represents the word of SAS that she would handle our tickets and she absolutely deceived, misrepresented and was responsible for the still missing luggage.

I intend to send this letter to every travel magazine to advise all travelers to NEVER FLY SAS

I currently am holding reservations for myself, my wife Luda Suvorov, and my grandson Anthony Suvorov for Saturday August 3, 2013 on Flight 943 from CPH to Chicago with following flight to Los Angeles. There is no way, under pain of death, that I will ever get on board another SAS flight. I am expecting a refund of $2,050.00 US for this flight reservation ZPFK5Q check-in code as well as the return of450kr for charge for extra piece of luggage THAT IS STILL MISSING
I do not know how you can replace the day each member of my family lost or compensate us for the pain and suffering we went through. Maybe you can shut down your airline and prevent other travelers from being abused, confused, frustrated, and treated like cattle.

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