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Old Aug 10, 2012, 8:46 PM
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Default did you cry during an airline incident?

Wearing a sports coat with no tie, a young business traveler is waiting in the boarding line, producing his e-boarding pass on his iPhone. Any momentary pause in the line will cause him to become double-fisted with electronics as he takes out his Blackberry and begin reading email. He pulls his briefcase--linked to his modest carry-on bag--in a natural maneuver as the line continues to coast forward quietly.

And then the gate agent stops boarding. “Folks, please reverse the line. The captain has informed me that the flight is cancelled due to mechanical reasons.”

Suddenly he shrieks in a high-pitched sound. He hollers at the gate agent. With tears running down his face, he is screaming for help to arrive at his final destination.

Pretty damn disturbing. Freaky some may say. Can we guess how quickly the airport police would arrive?

But run that story again with someone who is different than the person I portrayed, and it would end very differently.
I have noticed that many people in this forum have slipped the “I was crying” comment in their complaint. Why cry? Because they get away with it and it works. It just depends on how you look.

Did you know that everyone has feelings? That includes the male gender, professional businessmen/businesswomen, and frequent fliers. They have weddings, funerals, vacations, doctor appointments, deadlines, and loved ones waiting to see them. They are all subjected to the same pain and helplessness that everyone else feels during irregular operations at an airport.

I happen to fit the profile of a young business traveler and I find it sickening when someone has an adult temper tantrum during flight delays or cancellations. In all cases, the adult temper tantrum is disruptive to the other passengers who are in just as much pain.

Any complaint in this forum which explicitly mentions crying is not respectable and should not be taken seriously.

Old Aug 10, 2012, 10:38 PM
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Anything to make themselves look more sympathetic to the readers of the forum.

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