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Thumbs down JT17 DPS - CGK, Mr. Azuar


I have made a compliant to Lion Air customer care and cc'd Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia, but they never reply my email. Below, I have explained the cause of missing connecting flight and I had to pay for 2 new tickets.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 3:38 PM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Flight Cancellation JT17 on April 17th, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to file a compliant and reimburse my expense for missing flight from Jakarta to Bangkok due to Lion Air Flight Cancellation, JT17, on April 17th 2018.

What happened was:
- Attachment 1, I had Flight no. JT 17: DPS - CGK at 10:50
My girlfriend and I arrived DPS airport at 9:00 to check-in but Lion Air Staffs told us that this flight was cancelled and put us in another flight JT 29 at 11:50. We informed them that we had connecting flight CGK - DMK at 12:45, and if we were put on the flight at 11:50, we would miss the flight in CGK. Lion Air Staffs didn't care and told us to take this flight without giving us the option even though we tried to ask for help and advice. In addition, this flight was also delay an hour and we arrived at CGK 13:30 local time.

- At CGK airport, we went to Lion Air customer service asking for help but the staff said 'just go to Air Asia counter'. I told them the problem was not Air Asia but Lion Air delay us 2 hours and we already missed the Air Asia flight to Bangkok. That staff raised his voice 'it's not my problem; you just go complain Lion Air in Bali (DPS) or go to Air Asia'. I asked him 'May I have your name, please?'
He covered his label on chest and told me 'NO! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW MY NAME'. I think this is very bad behavior for someone who represents customer service in their home country. At the end, I got a chance to see his name and he is "Mr. Azuar".

- We run to Air Asia in Terminal 2 checking if we could take next available flight to Bangkok. They told us to buy next flight with full fare at about 4 million Rupiah and advised that we should talk to Lion Air as this was their fault. It's not only fight delay but they cancelled the flight and put us on the flight that we didn't book which made us miss connection flight.

- We run to Lion Air Customer Service in T2, Lion Air staff didn't help much and told us to buy new flight with Lion Air from CGK to Bangkok. We were very upset and walked out to information desk asking for help. Information guy took us back to Lion Air customer service and try to talk to her. She excused that Lion Air called our Indonesian number to inform about flight cancellation but no answer. I was very mad with this non-sense excuse. I am Thai traveling to Indonesia. How do you expect me to have Indonesian number? Even if I do, how would you know my number? If you send me email, I would be able to check it whenever I had internet access at the hotel. This is very very bad excuse.

- We run from T2 to T3 for the next Air Asia flight to Bangkok. We arrived at 15:30 for flight 16:30. The check-in line was very long, so we asked staff for help. They asked us to wait on a side while making a call for another staff. We had waited till 15:45, and asked staff again. He told us to wait again, till we got upset for unhelpful staff. I decided to just sit on the floor in front of check-in line to get his attention. Then, someone really showed up.

- Another staff had come and tried to check if we could buy full fare ticket 4 million Rupiah on flight 16:30 but it was too late... so we also missed this flight.

- At the end, we had no choice but to buy Air Asia ticket from CGK - SIN, then SIN - DMK which cost us 4,988,817 Rupiah (Invoice attached). This is not only the money, but also time and stress we got till arrived home in Bangkok at 1 am next day instead of our scheduled 16:20 a day ahead.

I want to reimburse this 4,988,817 Rupiah with Lion Air as this is totally their fault! I also want to complain the staff at Lion Air customer service Mr. Azuar.

Please let me know your decision if you agree with my request or I will proceed my complaint with IATA (The International Air Transport Association) and all other related organizations.

Thank you for your attention.

aia asia, cgk, dps, jakarta, lion air

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