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Thumbs down american airlines baggage issue not my fault

i recently flew american airlines to jamaica. at the gate in nyc, my baggage was taken for reason of no more room on board for carry on. the luggage i was carrying i specifly had what from previous damage by poor baggage handling did not want killed. a juicer, and a camera,and cellphones. it was in a plastic hard lined case looking like a rollin board carry on luggage with harder inside and soft outide but no latch.i told them iw ould take next flight. this was important i got my camera in my hands. it was to fast to think to take it out and actully i had thought i put in in next bag that was also taken to be checked for size. it was all done in a flurry as i missed my first flight.
i was also exhausted up all night. and stressed. the camera was in the soft pocekt outside. i told them this was not meant to check. they taped it up and i did not see it for 4 days. when i did it was turned inside out upside down and a mess. i did not realize the camera was there then found it then did not realize it was smashed beyond use and my trip was now down tubes, could not afford to go home and buy a new camera to be in a film competition or buy one and i was lost.
so i had to stay in jamaica as my flight insurance i did get by luck or some would not pay to cancel my trip for this reason.
when i filed the baggage claim , they denied it after alot of bs and rigamorall poppy show , and then said it was my fault the bag was not propery packed. lol. who has time to prepare a new bag at gate.? so now im out the trip cost the contest , the money for trip and camera they will not replace and did not even appolgize at all.
i sent a registered letter to them and told them that this is the start of the begining as far as this goes because american has gotten away with more on my case and not this time. making me pay for double bookings , and missed flights smashed baggage radios and other and not this time. i feel that if a class action law suit here is started it speaks.. now.
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Post Good fight

I have an outline of what may have happened. But usually Airlines do demand that carry-ons be relieved and gate checked. In extreme circumstances – i.e. too much cabin bags allowed into overhead bins (not passengers fault of course!) carry-on bags are taken away and usually there is no time to consider the valuables inside. Whenever they get mishandled (as they often are), ‘limited liability’ regulations will apply without due regard for preceding circumstances. It is good you have indicated you intend to contest, but I would advise more objectivity over emotions, as they have a formidable legal arsenal in the fort!

american airlines baggage, law suit, poor service

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