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Experienced problems during check-in or boarding?

Check-in / Boarding
Air Canada flight 1867 from PV, Juan Chavez waited to check us in

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Old Feb 14, 2018, 9:13 PM
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My family and I (wife and sons 10 & 4) were trying to catch our return flight from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary. We knew we had to hurry so we ran across the terminal and up to the AC counter. We checked our watches and were thankful for making it before the one hour cut off. The Air Canada rep asked us for our boarding passes and passports, which we had ready. After looking at our travel documents and typing, he inquired about our baggage. We had one extra piece over our limit (a hammock chair with a wooden frame) that he suggested we wrap, saying it could be done in the terminal for not too much. So I went and found the said service but was told they only wrapped items to a piece of baggage to make it into a single piece of luggage. I returned to the desk, grabbed one of our suitcases and went back. Not that it matters, but I didn't get it wrapped because the cost was greater than the cost of the hammock chair. As a side note, Air Transat later readily put the hammock chair into one of those big plastic bags often used for baby strollers. Props to Air Transat, they were very kind to us and were refusing to take my card for drinks after another passenger who we had spoken to earlier informed the flight staff of what happened to us.

Upon returning to the desk, the Air Canada rep started using his computer again. Then he informed us that we had missed the flight, the cut-off was five minutes ago. He waited to check us in until I got back instead of doing it when we came running up to the desk to begin with. Something important to note is that while my wife was standing there waiting for me as I was sent on an unnecessary goose chase, a couple from our flight arrived at check in after us and still were able to get on the flight.

I incredulously inquired about how we would be getting home given it was Air Canada's fault that we had missed the cut-off and was informed that we'd have to make other travel arraignments at our own expense. A discussion ensued and a manager was brought over who said he was sorry, but there was only one AC flight from PV to Calgary per week so the only thing they could do was to fly us to either Toronto or Vancouver, but we'd be on our own from there. To make a long story short, we booked a flight on an Air Transat flight for $1,360 plus $75 for luggage. At out expense.
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