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Air Berlin Complaints>Air Berlin is unreachable
Duncan Wymer 2:30 PM Jan 16, 2013
Air Berlin cancelled my connecting flight from Vienna to Munich in 2012 without any notice at all. They transferred me to the next flight 7 hours later.

In line with EU regulation 261-2004 I claimed Eur250 compensation via the airlines website complaints page. I eventually received a letter with a voucher for Eur250 (no cash compensation). I then booked another flight with Air Berlin to the valule of Eur250 and immediately sent the confirmation and claim.

Nearly 2 months and 4 email reminders later, I have not even received confirmation that they received the email. The customer service rep in my home country says there is no number to call for this type of problem and i just have to keep trying via email.

I think this is a gross misunderstanding and mistreatment of the customer and until i receive the Eur250 in my bank account, I feel like I have been duped into flying with this incompetent airline again!
martinpc 11:02 AM Aug 27, 2013
Hi my friend,how dare you say Air Berlin are incompetant?I think they are very competant?So far they have sucked more money from you,250e and stole 288.28e from me.It seems they are very clever to me!I am hoping to get my revenge on them,one way or another.It is about time they showed respect to us.Do not give up,that is what they want you to do?
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