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Angry Lost bagage- Customer Service ignores me

So this is the Original e-mail I've sent:

On november 14th me and my mother left Orlando after a three-week-vacation. The two of us had three suitcases.
Therefor I had to pay an additional amount of $82,00 at American Airlines in Orlando.
Our flightschedule that day would be: Orlando- Chicago- Madrid- Brussel.
After 25 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Brussel. After waiting for a long time we still did not receive our lugage.

So we asked. And we heard that they lost our lugage! That's not something you want to hear when you have been up for 27 hours and running from here to there.
I was so upset: everything was in there! All my clothes, souvenirs and our medication (my mother has a serious heart-condition!)

So we went to the 'Lost and Found'... waited there for over a hour! This was really annoying because someone was collecting us and he kept paying the parkingmeter.
When it was finally our turn we found out that they 'left' our lugage in Madrid, because the plane was full.
That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I PAY TO GET MY LUGAGE AND PEOPLE LEAVE IT BEHIND LIKE IT'S NOTHING! Without informing us? Shame on you.
So we went for home... without anything.
Our suitcases came the next day. I was so stressed out because of the medication but also because there were many breakable items in the suitcases.
So we got a call the next day abut our lugage. I would arrive between 16:30 and 18:30.
I did'nt came on time: so we had to make a call. I had an appointment in the evening which I cancelled seeing how my lugage still did not arrive.

Finally it arrived! And thank goodness; most of it was in one piece.
There were two broken items: a Disney Christmas ornament ($21,99) and a pepper/salt set ($24,99).
I want to file a complaint. We had much stress over the loosing of our lugage! Too much stress for someone with a poor heart condition: I really object this!
I paid $82,00 for a suitcase that wasn't there when I needed it for a stupid reason.
And I disgust of the poor communication. I expect my money back: at lest the $82,00 for the suitcase and $46,98 for the two broken items.
You should inform people about ther belongings!
Priscilla de Groot
the Netherlands

I filed this complaint on november 25th 2016.
Ever since then I've been sending Iberia at least ten e-mails A DAY!

Unfortunately, Iberia has done NOTHING for me yet! They keep sending me e-mails that they need more info (like an idiot I keep replying), on Facebook and Twitter they tell me what e-mailaddress I should use (I'm an expert by now) and in private messages they keep telling me that they're not from that departement. I keep hearing I should wait: six weeks, three weeks, 21 weekdays... It's been almost twelve weeks now and still NO ANSWER about anything! It's absolutely horrible!

But I won't give up: I keep bombing the Internet with messages but one thing is for sure. NEVER FLY IBERIA!
#costumerservice #neglect

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