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Default How did AA customer service overtly lie to customer

Here's a short story.

I booked a flight with my Air Miles (cost 12,500 Air Miles, $109+tax)
The same day, I had to call customer service to cancel my flight.

When talking to the customer representative I asked:
- if I could get by Air Miles back
- if I would be charged to cancel my flight

The customer representative answered:
- YES, I would get my fidelity points back
- NO, I would NOT be charged a fee

I would like to make this point really clear:
- I DID ASKED the customer representative if I would get charge to cancel my flight
- He answered that I would NOT be charged a fee

Three days later:
- I did get my Air Miles back
- I was charged a fee of $150 for canceling my flight ticket (reminder: flight cost 12,500 Air Miles or $109+tax)

I called Customer Service again, explaining the situation. AA answered:
- the customer representative you (I) talked to ****ed up... and we can't do anything for you...

- I called my credit card company to dispute the charge and filing a claim with BBB

Dispute still under investigation.

Bottom line: AA customer service is hell ****ty.
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Some additional suggestions to reduce the "human error" factor and the "she said, he said" pass the blame game that one often encounters when dealing with telephone agents. This is not restricted to the airline industry either.

1. When quoted "no fee" or "fee will be waived" or "you will receive a full refund" insist that the agent document your record account to that effect.

2. Get name(s) and/or agent ID of everyone you speak with from the initial agent who answered the call right on up the line. Also insist on at least a last initial or pseudo-name if they have a common first name like "Jack" or "Jill." I can't tell you how many "Brad Pitts" and "Angelina Jolies" I've spoken to in off-shore call centers. Also try to get the agent or supervisor to identify which call center you have reached.

You did the right thing contacting your credit card issuer. They usually side with the cardholder unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary. Honestly the BBB doesn't really have any teeth when it comes to airline complaints. If you can cite a line in AA's COC or Customer Service Commitment that states award tickets are fully refundable within 24 hours then contact the DOT and file a complaint.
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Default same thing...

I would post this on tripadvisor.com!! People need to hear about AA!!!!
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Default cry me a river...

Wow... Nasher has it out for American! This is too much.

Please know that this stuff happens with EVERY SINGLE AIRLINE! It's not just American.

I love these "complaints."

If you really have an issue, write a LETTER to the airline, and then MAIL it. Not email, but the USPS. Don't YELL in your letter, and please check your spelling and grammar.

But seriously, this is not anything that anyone should be griping about in an online forum.

And yes, go ahead and post on Tripadvisor, because people need to know about American. REALLY?!?!? Come on, Nasher... Each airline has issues. Some of my best flights have been on AA. As have some of my worst. Most of my worst flights have been on United, but so have some of my best. But I'm not logging onto AIRLINECOMPLAINTS.ORG to bitch and moan.

Airlines impose fees for an ungodly amount of things. It sucks, but that's a fact you must face when flying. To avoid fees, you have to fly Southwest - no change fees! But a somewhat limited airport selection.

Take your pick.

But stop complaining about change fees. Almost all of the airlines impose them.
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Response from AA after filing with BBB:

I was sorry to read your report that you received incorrect information about the fee involved to reinstate your ticket. The reservation indicates that the fee was explained to you. We regret any misunderstanding and while we do not agree with the refund you have requested, as a gesture of goodwill, we've made arrangements for an eVoucher (see details below) for you to use toward the purchase of a ticket to travel with us.

The reservation indicates that the fee was explained to you.
-> My a**, if AA had the audio recording of my phone call, they will know that their agent f***** up

Final result: got $150 eVoucher...

PS: to mikeynla: Are you working for AA or any airline company???

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