COMPLAINT: Save the Airlines !!!

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Old Aug 5, 2008, 10:51 PM
schaero schaero is offline
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Here's a suggestion to save all of our financially strapped airlines. I suggest that they all raise the price of soft drinks and water to $10 each, the price of movies to $25, the price of food to $50 per tray, the price of having a ticket agent wait on them to $100 and the price of their first piece of luggage to $200 (which by the way only encourages people to carry gargantuan bags onto the planes and try to cram them all into the overhead bins; pretty smart, huh?) They could also put coin slots on the display monitors to check for departures and arrivals, say $1.00 each viewing. And maybe another fee to use one of the chairs at the terminal gate, say $5.00 per hour? Then, once they have jacked up the prices of all the incidentals, the ticket itself could actually be given to the customer free of charge!!! Seems like an idea that might appeal to the airline marketing wizards, doesn't it??? Feel free to pass these suggestions along to all the folks who are so rapidly ruining what little positive image they have left.

I can hardly wait for all of the airlines to begin asking the government to bail them out because business has dropped off so much, never realizing that they actually ruined their own companies by “nickel and diming” their customers to death.

Now seriously, how did it not occur to the airlines to simply raise the price of each ticket $50 or $100 bucks, with an explanation that the increase was for additional fuel charges (which we all could have easily understood and related to), leaving soft drinks, water, baggage and movies free??? Of course, that wouldn’t have contributed to the airlines lousy image, which they seem so skillful at creating.
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Old Aug 10, 2008, 3:22 PM
AADFW AADFW is offline
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The reason that any given airline won't simply "raise the fare" instead of charging more for value-added services is consumer price sensitivity at the time of ticket purchase. When consumers get online and see that Airline #1 has an airfare $45 lower than Airline #2, guess what happens? They're not thinking about the $10 luggage fee and $4 they're going to pay for that can of coke on Airline #1. As a result, airline #1 loses the passenger and all of his revenue.


What really needs to happen is for the federal government to stop bailing out the legacy carriers with loan guarantees, tax breaks, and other subsidies. Airlines are subject to the same laws of economics as any other industry. For some reason, consumers and our leaders in Washington seem wantonly ignorant of this fact whenever a major carrier is on the verge of bankruptcy. "Pseudo regulation" ensuring that legacy carriers can stay afloat on a permanent basis has resulted in artificial long lives for many, if not all, of the major players in the industry.

People need to understand this simple fact: all the airplanes aren't going to vanish into thin air if AA, UA, CO, DL, and NW all go out of business tomorrow. The equipment and demand for air travel will all still be there. Investors will come together -- quite quickly in fact -- and create new airlines with far more efficient business models. Planes will continue to fly and the world will not come to an end. In fact, widespread bankruptcy is precisely what the airline industry has needed for a long time. Without such change, there will be very little if any innovation or improvement in the areas of service and badly needed technological upgrades.

We also need to allow foreign carriers to compete without limitations of foreign ownership in the U.S. (No, Virgin America is not majority foreign owned). Policymaker claims that doing so would put national defense at risk in time of war are flat out wrong. For one thing, we can make wartime operational compliance requisite at the time of market entry, but bottom line, if Uncle Sam needs airplanes to move troops, the French Prime minister can kiss his ass if he decides to commandeer an AF 747 or two.

The alternative, at least in terms of improving service, is very heavy regulation limiting the number of carriers and flights per route, etc. so that carriers could compete more on the basis of service than price. That is how most international routes work for now, and it's what former AA CEO Bob Crandall says should happen to the industry in the U.S. But going back to regulation would drive up fares such that most people wouldn't be able to fly nearly as often as we do today. You'd see sale fares from Dallas to New York of $900 or more round-trip, for example.
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Old Aug 16, 2008, 9:19 PM
sadako10 sadako10 is offline
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what if the airlines could only log your credit card upon booking your flight and it couldn't be charged until you got to your destination ON TIME, WITH YOUR BAGS, etc. Only then could your card be charged...and why don't the airlines give you at least a blanket and a bottle of water when you are stranded overnight in an airport? Weather issues aside, these companies should not be in business with the way they are run. You or I would NEVER be able to run a business legally the way thse airlines are allowed to. It's despicable.
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Old Feb 6, 2011, 4:27 AM
theaussiecanuck theaussiecanuck is offline
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United could start out by having the same fares for the same route. I am in Australia. The price for a ticket to Canada in Oct is $3354 USD return. However, if I were flying from Canada to here return on those dates it is $1447 USD.
Seems I'd be better off booking 2 flights from canada and using one of each of them. Save me $450.
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