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Default Allegiant Air

Never again will my husband and I fly Allegiant Air.
Someone had told us about this airline that had cheap non-stop flights out of XNA (NW Arkansas) to LAS (Las Vegas) so we decided to take ourselves on a fun vacation. I had never been to Las Vegas and was excited. Unfortunately had I known then what I know now I would have flown on a different carrier even if the flights were more expensive.
On Sunday we checked in at XNA 2-hours before our flight (per our confirmation) with one checked bag. When checking our bag in there were two women working at the counter. They mentioned that there was another flight going to Tunica before our flight and they “hoped” that our bag didn’t end up on that flight (then they chuckled). First of all I didn’t that was funny at all and second I was hoping they knew what they were doing. Our flight left on time and off we went. The pilot said “sit down, relax, and lower your expectations.” I should have known right then that this vacation wasn’t going to work out as planned.
Our flight landed at LAS on time. We went to the baggage claim area to retrieve our bag and start the fun….NOT. Our bag never showed up, as well as three other couples who were on the same flight (and had also checked in about the same time as us). My husband told the Allegiant Air customer rep that our bag didn’t show up and that we had a feeling that it had ended up in Tunica. She pretty much ignored us and handed us a form to fill out. By the time we left the airport it was midnight. We still had to get a shuttle to the hotel (which I will never do again) and get checked in. We were exhausted and had no bag, no clothes, and no toiletries. We were told that Allegiant Air would call us as soon as they located the bag.
We had pre-paid to rent a Harley for 3-days starting on Monday. That would have been fun but we didn’t have any of our motorcycle clothing. All we had to ride in was shorts, t-shirts, and sandals (not the safest). That day we never got a call from Allegiant Air. My husband called them and left two messages. We were still hoping our bag would show up so we held off on buying clothes, although we did buy the necessary toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) to get buy.
On Tuesday afternoon we finally got a call from Allegiant saying that they had found our bag. They weren’t going to send the bag to us in Vegas but would have it waiting for us when we returned to XNA. I was so upset! If they had listened to us in the first place they would have found our bag on Sunday night and would have had plenty of time to get it to us before our vacation was over.
We still had 2 more days in Vegas without clothing or our toiletries (meds included)! Finally we decided that we needed to buy some new clothes. After all, I didn’t come to Vegas to do laundry every night in the bathtub!
Finally Thursday came and we headed home. I knew that Allegiant would make it right by us. I wrote a letter explaining our situation and sent it to their customer relations office with a copy to the VP. It took over 3-weeks to hear anything back from them even after I repeatedly left messages and sent e-mails. What they gave us was a lousy check for $75! That’s it! Certainly not enough for two people to replace clothing and toiletries for a 4-day vacation. They explained that they would pay up to $25 per day up to $100. I’m thinking that would have had to be for each ticketed passenger since you can barely buy a pair of pants for $75. After another series of phone messages and e-mails I finally get someone with Allegiant to tell me that their policy for “delayed” baggage is per bag….not per ticketed customer (although they can’t give me the link where that is in writing).
Basically Allegiant Air is a cheap airline, flying cheap planes, and is totally lacking in the customer relations area. Never did hear back from the VP either. Southwest Airlines here I come!
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This is complaint number 8 about Allegiant. Two more and the airline get's it's very own forum!

As you learned, doucanoe, when it comes to ultra-low fare carriers such as Allegiant you get what you pay for. The reason they didn't send your bag to you is that they only fly from XNA to LAS on Sunday and Thursday and since you were returning home Thursday there would be no point!
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Are there no DOT regulations about lost bags? If not, there should be. $75 between two passengers for a 4 day vacation is ridiculous.
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Allegiant is as best, a part time airline. They usually serve smaller airports with part time staffs.

If Southworst is the Greyhound of the skies, Allegiant is the Short Bus.
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Nothing more can be said here, Allegiant screwed up big and really they should pay more than that 75 per bag. Just a tip for anyone travelling on the short (3 - 4 days top), just carry on, it's just that much easier.

I had a good laugh doucanoe, about taking the shuttle. I am guessing (and this is just a guess) that you took the Bel tran shuttle, or else you wouldn't be so exhausted by the time you got to your hotel. Depending on where your hotel is in Vegas, it can take up to an hour (more if there is traffic and or cunstruction, even at night) to get to your hotel. They're good if you wanna save money but best to avoid if your hotel is close.
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I think.....think being the key word here. that the dot policy is per bag not per person. since it sounds like they only checked one bag, the compensation (although i'm not sure what the legal amounts are) are per bag.
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I agree with you on Allegient being the "Short Bus!"

If it is in writing about reimbursement by bag rather than ticketed customer I haven't seen it and I have yet to get anyone with Allegiant to actually talk to me. All I get are memos saying blah, blah, blah, blah. It's rediculous that they think $75 is an appropriate amount. I doubt other airlines would opporate that way, but then Allegiant isn't really an airline is it?

I can't remember the name of the shuttle service. Won't ever do that again either! What a waste of money!
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It is a stupid rule to make it per bag anyway. If there is one bag between two passengers and they each have to buy one outfit each, how does it make sense that the compensation is the same for one person as for two. Equally, if a customer has two bags and both are delayed, does the customer get double the compensation. (I am betting the answer to that question is No).

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