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Default Avoid Allegiant Air...They have the worst customer service!

I scheduled a trip to BlaineWashington from Palm Springs for my wife to spend her birthday with our grand children. I booked the flight 3 weeks ahead of time, and surprised her with the planned trip the morning of her departure.
On April 1st, 2010 arriving at the check in counter of Allegiant Air in Palm Springs at 10:37am for a flight scheduled for departure at 11:20am (43 minutes before departure) we were informed by the agent assisting a family of 4 (the father was wrapping his Coleman cooler with duct tape) just ahead of us that the counter was now closed, that we were considered a "NO SHOW" and we would not be allowed to check in and that we had forfeited our air fare. At first, I thought this was just a bad April fool’s joke. To my AMAZEMENT, it was not.
As we argued our importance of boarding this flight, another passenger scheduled for this flight, a young mother, with an infant daughter, whose husband was based out of the local 29 Palms Marine Base and was serving duty in Iraq, joined us in line to check in. This young girl was traveling to BlaineWashington to be with her mother who was in the hospital and was scheduled for stage 4 cancer surgery the following day. She explained her situation to the agent, asked for reconsideration to her boarding this flight, as she could not afford to forfeit her fare, and could not afford the additional $258.00 fare for the flight departing the following evening.
Keep in mind, Palm SpringsAirport, even though it is considered an InternationalAirport, is neither a very busy airport, it is also designed as a rather small, easy to maneuver airport. I have flown out of the facility numerous times because of its convenience, and ability to move thru quickly. I am certain we could have been at the boarding gate with time to spare to board this plane.
On witnessing this poor display of customer service, 2 couples, waiting to check in at the competitor airline (WestJet) next to the Allegiant Air counter came over and purchased the ticket necessary for this young girl to travel to see her mother the following evening. A TRUE ACT OF HUMAN KINDNESS!! Much unlike the way the agent from Allegiant Air had treated us. I truly feel this agent got pleasure out of denying my wife and this young mother boarding, as she had a bit of a smirk on her face during the entire episode. Her only rebuttal was that we obviously had not read the Terms and Conditions of Allegiant when we purchased our tickets.
I will admit I did not know the airline REQUIRED a 2 hour check in time prior to departure…which seems rather extreme considering this particular airport. I think it necessary they find a way, besides the fine print in their T’s & C’s to inform their customers of such an unusual requirement. I also feel, if a passenger does not arrive with the RERQUIRED check in time, they at LEAST be given the opportunity to move through the security screening and attempt to get to the gate prior to departure. If at that point, we fail to catch the plane, shame on us for missing the flight.
Don’t take my word for it…check out the reviews of this airline on www.rateitall.com. You will see ALL airlines rated, and Allegiant has the most reviews to date (153) with the worst rating (2.35 of 5 stars) of all the airlines.
Needles to say, this is by far the worst display of customer service on the part of ANY company I have ever experienced!
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The very low cost airlines, such as Allegiant and Spirit and their mentor airline, Ryanair do not care. They believe that their low headline prices are sufficient to keep them in business. This will only change if people stop using them. They create rules which are designed to "catch out" their customers and see this as a revenue opportunity. Other airlines, such as Delta, are unethical and have a negative corporate culture which is hostile to customers. There are alternatives.. Southwest has strict rules, is low cost but has a positive culture which aims to please their customers. Making a positive choice towards these airlines will only have an effect if people balance price and service. Until they do, price will win.
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Default just curious

So we you allowed on the flight or not?? I am a bit confused.

Just FYI...What time should I arrive at the airport for my flight?
Allegiant recommends arriving at the airport at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure. Customers need to be checked in no less than 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure which is when the Ticket Counter closes.
Not only is this on thier site .


I am not an allegiant employee but do know that according to thier site there was only one person (female) that was not on that flight...actually comments in her res do agree with what you wrote about unknown person buying ticket for next day. so if only one person was not on it what happened? Didi they let you on or not?
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Wink WORST AIRLINE EVER- never use them, trust me

worst airline ever.... tried 3 times, saved a couple bucks , BUT IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!
Delays of 2hr, 2 1/2hr, 3 1/2hrs. After the 3 1/2 hr delay ( flying out of LAX with my 4yr son and 2 yr daughter) I complained and the attendent told me the standard drinks was free for the flight. (gee great) But by the time they served them my daughter was asleep. Upon her waking about an 1hr later, I asked for a juice for her.... but NOW THERE IS A CHARGE?? Only the 1st small cup was free....ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I told them we used all the drinks for the kids were gone with the 3 1/2 hr delay. NOPE, they wouldnt budge. I had to pay for juice. WORST SERVICE EVER. So I wrote customer service 3 times and called twice..... it took 4 months to get a response. They are sending a $50 voucher...... I will burn it when I get it. I will pay double not to use them again. Sorry, I don't normally write like this but I have to warn others. NEVER USE ALLEGIANT AIR.
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As I see this, I think there was some room for spirit to have done things a little differently.. but still remain within their rules so to speak.

As I read it, the free juice offer was presented to you while your daughter was asleep.. If you didn't get it then or take your daughters allotment, then I see no real issue with the crew giving you the juice at a later point.. In effect it's only moving the delivery time, and not changing the quantity.

If, on the other-hand you did get or take your daughters juice allowance at that first time (when s/he was asleep) then I can see an issue as this is, for lack of a better term, "double-dipping"..

While I don't see a serving of a 2nd unit of free juice in the big picture as being a 'big deal', I do think that there is something to be said for consistency in application, and that by doing so, does to a degree 'open the door' to issues of 'you gave him/her a second one, why not me too?'..

Also, four (4) months to get a reply? That's just too long in my book..

Unless your situation was something unusual or unique that required Spirit to investigate with several other departments or the like, I think you should at least get an initial acknowledgement email (i.e. we got your communication) within 72hrs or so when sent via email. If it was a paper/snail mail, then I think the same initial acknowledgement should come within 7 to 10 calendar days after receipt; owning to the much more manual processes involved compared to emails.

I think that's reasonable for an airline of medium size or bigger, to be able to receive, open and at least input/enter these types of communications.

On the back-end, getting a reply of some type, I'd think that no longer than 21 to 30 days maximum would be more than enough.. Again, assuming your issue is not extreme or unusually complex.

I think that when you wait that long-- 4 months-- you open yourself up to people thinking-- and understandably so-- that we just don't care.. So, I think just like it is for delays, it's to everyone's advantage to get the matter addressed sooner, not later... even if that resolution is not what the passengers wants or expects..

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