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Air India Complaints>Held hostage at New Delhi for 2 hours while being laughed at by staff
Adam Goldman 1:48 PM May 26, 2018
I, Adam Goldman, was held at the transfer desk of Air India Airlines at DEL airport for over an hour, while being laughed at, accused of lying, and forced to pay $200 hidden fees because of a mistake made by the airline staff members.

Please find summary and full details below, as well as attached boarding passes and e-tickets.

I believe a compensation is appropriate, in addition to a full refund for the 3 related Air India flights + the hidden $200 fees,and a written signed apology by all AIr India’s staff members involved in this completely unprofessional behavior.

The entire case, along with a summary, can be seen here:


Authorities I've already contacted
Israel's Attorney General
Department of Consumer Affairs (Government of India)
Supreme Court Bar Association (Venugopal,K.K.(Sr.))
India Attorney General
Airline Complaints
National Consumer Helpline
Consumer Helpline
AIrports Authority of India
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