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Old Nov 28, 2012, 12:37 AM
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I have contacted the 1800# to speak to some one about my awful complaint but they claim I can not talk to anyone. I left on your flight on Nov 22 leaving IAH going to Las Vegas for my birthday. I booked this way in Oct, Oct 25 th to be exact. The week of me leaving I called to verify the carry on bag fee and I also Drove all the way to the airport to verify. When I left IAH I had no problem with my carry on bags I did not have to pa any fee and the employees were very nice and helpful. My complaint comes from Nov 26 when I was leaving McCarren International Airport. I arrived @9:30p.m Nov 25th. to leave room for error. I once again went to check in and made sure I wouldnt have any problems with my bag, I was cleared. The employees at gate B2 were something awful, including the Supervisor. Before I had my bad experience I witnessed two gentlemen who ran to the gate the door was still open, the lady told them they were late. she looked at their tickets scanned them jus to tell them they should have been on time and they have to find another route. The gate still stsayed open for antoher 10 minutes, I counted because I was shocked what had happened. My flight start boarding at 12:30 am. When me and my sister got to the gate the employee said with an attitude you can not board on the plane, you need to pay $100.00. I said Maam I already checked my bag and there were no problem. She said you need to get out the line and go to the supervisor. I said why you can not ask the suprervisor to come over here. She said you need to get out of my line this plane is to full and no room for extra bags.We got out of the line to speak to the supervisor. She was rude as well. She said you need to pay $100 I am not going back and forth with you. Sir they did 14 ppl like this two including my sister and myself. All ppl who had to pay this extra $$ said the same thing but the supervisor had no remorse. By this time I am irate. I called the 1800 # and asked to speak to a surpervisor. the person who answered claimed he was a supervisor while I am on the phone the employee's are joking about the situation. I started yelling telling them that they were childish and would not want anyone to treat them this way. The one employee called me a Bitch and the other employee threaten to call the police. Sir I did not have the $100 but if i did i was not going to pay it if i had been told all this time my bag is free. NO one would listen to me. The employees are counting down the minutes out loud laughing and saying they will not allow me to board unless I pay. the person on the phone told me there is nothing he could do. When the employee said 1minute left she closed the gate and I started yelling again. How could this company do ppl like this? I have not had any problem until now. I needed to get home to my kids and most of all we needed to go to work. They just laughed. I even asked if I could dump all my items in a trashbag and she told me no. While I am still on phone the Supervisor along with the employees were making fun of the situation clocked out and left. The man over phone said all he could do was allow me to pay $40 for my bag but by this time she has already closed the gate and I didnt have any money. The supervisor came back and I calmly said maam are you going to put us on anther flight I need to get to my kids, she said I have already clocked out you should have thought about that when your flight was here. I called the 1800 # back and they said in the notes I was not cooperating so there fore I needed to pay $400 to get home. Once again I was not able to speak to anyone higher in authority. I said how was I not cooperating when I was trying to get an understanding. My sister and I had to go on the lower level and sleep on the floor and wait until 5:30 a.m. when you guys opened to talk to someone. Ms. Debra did listen to my complaint and placed us on the next flight out which we had to take a longer flight(she was Excellent). We both missed a days work, I had to pay $20 for a cab to get to walmart to get a prepaid card, to pay the bag fee. Had to walk to look for a bus cause by this time I had no more funds to eat let alone transportation. I am not arguing the fact that I had to pay. I am arguing the fact that I did not have to pay leaving IAH and the employees at check in at McCArran Airport did not make me pay but the employees at the gate wanted me to pay. This was not fair to me nor my sister. Commen sense a person would pay online the 35-40 fee verses waiting to get to the gate to pay $100. I would like my $$ back for this trip or 2 complimentary roundtrip tickets please. This was my 1st time ever using Spirit. If your employees are allowed to treat ppl this way I don't think anyone should use this airline.I can not express enough how awful this was and hope no one else have to experience this. Thank you for your time.
Giovanni Rakestraw
12711 Bexley DR,
Houston, TX 77099
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