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COMPLAINT: The Customer is always wrong at the Friendliest Skies

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Old Aug 22, 2015, 1:21 AM
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I would like to share an experience I have had recently with the “Unfriendliness Skies” and their inability for customer service supervisor’s inability to take responsibility for their issues and then blame the customer. Before I share my experience I would like to say that I understand things happen and companies have resolution channels to address concerns. I have used those channels prior to this post without a response from United. They have a web form that allows you as the customer to log your complaint or better yet a phone number let never gets a person on the other end just a machine that messages are not returned. So here we go.

On Friday August 14th I purchased 2 round trip flights from UA online. One round trip ticket went through just fine and is the process I follow every week. The second went through and when I checked my bank there were five charges for the ticket. Yes one single ticket not 5 with five charges from United for that one ticket. I called the reservation line at United and was told by the representative I must be mistaking because they only had one ticket for me. She went on to say I must not be looking at my account correctly. When I explained that was not the issue she said I should give it a week or two to sort itself out. A week or two really so I should let you have 2,000 of my dollars while you figure out you made a mistake because obviously she could not bring herself to admit UA may have made a mistake. I asked to speak to a supervisor to gain some sanity on the call and find a resolution so the money could be returned to my account. Mr Gidion got on the phone and proceeded to lecture me on how things happen sometimes. I told he I understood that and I just wanted to get it fixed. He then went on to say that the issue was my fault. Really how is it my fault if there is only one ticket and 5 charges? Anyway we continued to speak as I was boiling at this point. He also told me there was only one ticket so I must be mistaking. At that point I got our bank on the phone who told Mr Gideon that yes indeed UA had sent 5 charges through. Mr. Gideon could not speak intelligently at all with our bank and continued to blame me for the problem. He then began to lecture our bank. Really you are going to do that. Finally our bank informed the UA rep she was reversing the charges because it was obvious they were erroneous and he could not justify the charges, provide details for the charges or even take responsibility that there may have been a system error. Once we got the UA rep off the phone our bank commented who rude and unprofessional he was and apologized for his actions. Got to love it when a customer service rep at one organization takes the hit for another they are not even connected to just to ensure your experience with their organization is a quality experience.

Immediately after the experience I began finding the process to report the incident. I discovered there was on online form and phone number. Well don’t bother….

The online form sends you a reply that says they have received your comments but you are not provided any updates on the review of the information an if there is an outcome one would get something within 7 days. Well don’t’ expect a timely turn around is all I can say. Maybe the thought here is if you wait long enough the problem will go away.

The second option is a phone number. Guess what it is for an answering machine and go ahead leave your number you will not get a call back.
So obviously the weekly travel 2 passengers are doing does not rank on the want to keep the business scale. I can only imagine how the vacation traveler ranks. So United Airlines it is time to look deep within and decide how you want to be when you grow up. Sure you have merged and gotten huge but your customer service skills have dropped into the toilet and your ability to keep passengers coming back is in a decline. Yes the word is out and people we know with your company have confirmed this fact. So as we got back into traveling we have been loyal but are thinking very strongly about leaving the UA customer ranks with so many others to fly with an airline that cares about the customer. I wish you luck as you figure out your path to become an adolescent and fix all the ills the merger has brought. Maybe one day you will again be the “Friendliest Skies” but you have a long way to go to regain that title in my mind.
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Old Nov 21, 2015, 3:58 AM
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Well, well, well - it's obviously how they're trained, I had the same sort it ridiculous stonewalling today in Houston, the supervisor called Rachsel first of all avoided me, then called me the wrong name while making a point of telling me how to spell hers. An 11 hour delay so far and no apology not even a cup of coffee or even a glass of water. Profit, profit, profit and nothing else
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