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COMPLAINT: Etihad Airways Complaint

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Old Feb 6, 2017, 1:15 AM
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To whom it may concern:
The purpose of this complaint is to let you know how bad our experience with your company was. We live in Toronto and went to the Philippines to visit our family that we haven't seen for almost 9 years. I have two sisters in Dubai, and they recommended Etihad Airways, so we booked our flight with Etihad to visit them so that we could go all together in the Philippines.

Our original itinerary was Toronto to Chicago (EY3515), Chicago to Abu Dhabi (EY0150) then stay in Dubai until the 15th. On the 15th we were to leave Abu Dhabi to the Philippines.

The disaster began at Toronto Pearson Airport. Our flight was delayed for 4 hours and it was very stressful and frustrating. I was with my husband and 2 children, ages 14 and 5. Due to the delay from Toronto, instead of flying with Etihad airways, we flew with American Airways going to Chicago.

In Chicago, we were only five minutes late for our flight, but we were left behind. There was no one at the Etihad Airways counter to give us information. We weren't the only ones left by that flight so all of us went to ask the information desk looking for answers. They directed us to the American Airlines counter instead, saying that American Airlines is Etihad Airways sister company. We were running around the airport until we had to rebook our flight to London Heathrow airport, instead of Abu Dhabi. It was not in my imagination to go to London on that moment! but we have no choice!!!

When we were at London, we were delayed once again. When the time came to fly going to Abu Dhabi, the lady from the Etihad Airways desk said that she couldn't find our names in the system. So we went back to American Airlines, but the staff said that we were indeed in the system. We were going back and forth between terminals which was a huge waste of time and caused many headaches. My 5 year old son was having multiple nose bleeds and was feverish because of the unnecessary travelling. So instead of relying on Etihad Airways, we went to American Airlines and just asked them to rebook us again because everything was going wrong with Etihad Airways. They helped us and said that the next flight that could fit a family of 4 was through British Airways. To make it easier for us, they booked the flight straight to Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi. The staff at American Airlines thankfully gave each of us 15 vouchers to buy food, but the hassle was still unbelievable! My husband was so mad at me because from the very beginning he didn't want to fly through Etihad but I insisted. I was wrong and I learned that the hard way, because he was definitely right.

When we finally arrived at Dubai, there we yet another problem! We couldn't find our luggage. We had 6 suitcases and 2 instruments, we couldn't find any of them!!! We spent one whole day of our few days in Dubai at the airport to look and wait for our luggage. Tired and hungry, I gave up and talked to the staff to just call us when they find our luggage. We went directly to the Dubai mall to eat and to buy clothes because we didn't have any. Imagine, we were supposed to be in Dubai on December 13, 11:40 in the morning, but we arrived the day after, on the 14!!! My kids thought they could sightsee and tour around Dubai but your airline ruined that opportunity. We should have enjoyed two days with my sisters, instead we stayed in their apartment sleeping because we were so tired! I asked the staff at the airport baggage claim desk to just send our luggage directly to Manila, because by the time the luggage arrived in Dubai, we would already on our flight going to Manila!

On the 15th of December, we flew with Etihad Airways to Manila, Philippines (NAIA). We arrived in the Philippines at 11PM, but our luggages arrived at 8AM the next day.

I would like to ask Etihad Airways, how can you possibly compensate? How can you give my 5 year old son the perfect first vacation back home, if he got sick because of the company's faults. How can you give us the vacation that we were saving up for, for 9 years. Let that just sink in. We didn't get to go back home for 9 years, but we spent our vacation trying to recover from jet lag and sickness instead of spending precious time with family.

My husband and I are asking your company to compensate for the numerous problems that we encountered, because our travels were terrible. Our kids don't want to go back to Dubai and Philippines, especially my son who was expecting to go sightseeing. He called us liars, which really hurts as parents, and I really do hope that this NEVER happens again.

Yours truly,

Gloria A Higuit: [email protected]
Noel M Higuit
Gillian Rose A Higuit
Noah A Higuit

Original Itinerary: All Etihad Airways
Toronto to Chicago (EY 3515)
Chicago to Abu Dhabi (EY 0150)
Abu Dhabi to the Philippines (EY 0428)

Revised Itinerary:
Toronto to Chicago (EY 3515) - American Airlines
Chicago to London, Heathrow (AA 86) - American Airlines
London, Heathrow to Dubai (BA 105) -British Airways
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