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COMPLAINT: Multiple complaints

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Old Feb 9, 2017, 1:07 PM
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Situation 1:
Pickup in Sydney.we organized a chauffeur pick up from our home to head to the airport for our honeymoon. The original time was to be 1pm and my husband called to change the pickup time 1:30pm from 1:00pm. It wasnt changed and the chauffeur called me at 12:40.Upon meeting the driver, my husband had to go back upstairs to get something he forgot and whilst waiting at the car, the driver kept complaining about how he can't park there and that my husband shouldn't be late. To be honest, as a customer, he shouldn't be complaining about that to me as I don't want to start my honeymoon by having someone complain about my husband non stop. I think he should have been more professional. Adding fuel to fire was that my in laws were there with me and the driver just kept complaining - we did not appreciate his attitude and behaviour. It should not be my problem = Job no EY002815

My husband was eating in the car and when i got out of the car the chauffeur complained that i created a mess. in actual fact there was only a few crumbs which could be swept up in 1-2mins. I had an argument with him given all that happened before and also that he didn't tell me not to eat. I would like to know why the new time was not communicated to the driver? also i would like to hear from the driver why he was so rude?

Situation 2
I checked in via mobile and the seats allocated were not together. I know i correctly selected the seats and they were allocated incorrectly. Then I went to dinner and then found out the seats were not together, The place didn't have internet so we had to rush back to the hotel (on my birthday) to fix the seats. When we called the customer service line they said they couldn't change the seats and refused to transfer the call to a manager. My husband later Facebook messaged Etihad and they were able to change the seats however on the first leg we couldn't get the together seats because it was too late. I can't understand why they customer service could do anything and the person couldn't let us talk to a manager. Please explain why?

Situation 3
The booking for the transfer was not able to be done online as it was less than 24hrs however the website said we could call the customer service. we called the customer service and they said we couldn't book it. We asked to speak to a manager (and to our surprise) we actually got transferred. She was reluctant to help us until we pointed out that the Sydney leg was greater than 24hrs. Eventually she agreed t book and called us back to confirm (which was good). I would like to know why this time we could get transfer to a manager? Also why does the website suggest you can book transfer with less than 24hr if you call? If you cant it should be shown clearly on the site? Why do some people help and some say they can't?

Situation 4
We checked in the morning 5/2 at 8am to fly from Zurich to Sydney and at the time asked the lady at the check in desk where the business class lounge was. She was helpful in describing where it was but when we got to the lounge, it was closed and says they only open from 10.55am.

I don't understand why a business class lounge will only open from this time given flights commence way earlier Than that and also the lady at the check in counter should have known this and advised us accordingly instead of us going to the gate and being disappointed. We felt that it was a waste of our time. I feel that Etihad doesn't provide the services that other airlines provide.

There should be clear communication, if this isn't possible at the airport then an email with all the details should be sent to each passenger at least 24 hours prior. We are on our honeymoon and having to wake up early, skipping the hotel breakfast thinking the business class lounge will provide us with what we require. But to get to the airport hungry, then discovering that your lounges only open after almost at midday is just ridiculous. I don't understand how an airline like yours will do this, it's almost like you don't care about your customers.
Why was the lounges opened? why wasn't that communicated?
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