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COMPLAINT: I was Cheated and Stranded by Etihad airways

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Old Feb 14, 2017, 9:13 AM
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Dear Etihad,
I am Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Moole, booked my flight from Chicago to Hyderabad originally on 8th Feb 2017. Because of a family emergency, I rescheduled my flight to 4th Feb 2017. Rescheduling Price: Rs. 16,276; ticket no: 6071249868660. I went to the airport on 4th Feb, 2hrs before the departure i.e, at 10am and when I gave my passport to the check-in counter agent at Chicago ORD INTL airport, she said my ticket from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad was not confirmed so she cannot issue the boarding passes. I was really surprised and called the travel agent through which I booked the ticket and he said the ticket was confirmed and couldn't understand why they were unable to issue me the boarding passes. Then I called the Etihad reservation agent and asked him to check my status and even he said the ticket was confirmed. He also spoke and confirmed the same to the check-in counter agents. Even after repeated requests saying that I had a family emergency and pleading them to check thoroughly, the Etihad Check-in agents at the airport were not able to retrieve my boarding passes and all they said irresponsibly was, 'we do not know what the problem is, go home, talk to the reservation service and get the ticket rebooked'. That bothered me a lot as I felt like I was talking to two different companies, because even though the Etihad reservation agent confirmed my ticket, the Etihad check-in agents at the airport were not able to address the issue. Finally, she said the counter is closed please go home. I was so isolated at that moment and for the first time in my life, I felt so helpless because I had to pay the price for the lack of efficiency to coordinate between your own Etihad agents. I didn't have any money and didn't have a place to stay. I was made a homeless person and made me feel like a refugee by your Etihad airways. I was literally stranded on the road and called the Etihad agent again to know what the problem was. The agent name was Mr. Zack, after checking my ticket he said that the ticket was confirmed and said that he had no idea why the check-in agents did not issue me the boarding passes and there no mistake of the travel agency. The remark he said written by the Checkin counter was," Could not retrieve boarding pass from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad, so passes not issued". When I asked him what should be my next course of action, his answer repeatedly and arrogantly was, " I have no idea, go to the airport and talk to the check-in agents. I have nothing else to do." Is that the way you treat your customers even after saying that I had no place to go? Can't your agents coordinate with each other, do they even work for the same Etihad airways? What was my mistake in the entire process? I paid the rescheduling fee, went to the airport 2 hours before the take-off time to be thrown out by your irresponsible staff saying that they had nothing to do with my problem.
After begging money from my friends I rescheduled my flight ticket to 5th Feb 2017. Price: $209, PNR: HBYYQS. When I went to the airport again on 5th Feb, I had the same response from your check in agents that my problem with the ticket was not fixed and so cannot issue my boarding passes. I again called the Etihad reservation agent who again confirmed my ticket and made him speak with check-in counter agents too. They called their supervisor or duty manager and After a while, they said they had my passes and issued me the boarding passes.
Why didn't they do the same on 4th Feb? Why were the staff so inefficient and irresponsible, especially Mr. Zack? Why were the staff not able to coordinate with each other? Why did I have to pay the price for your mistakes? Do you people even understand what I and my family had to go through all through the day. I have to be compensated appropriately for all the mistakes and for the agony your people made me go through in the entire process. Justice must be done and appropriate action must be taken on those responsible. As I speak I am also forwarding the message to "MINISTRY OF AVIATION" and "MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; Honorable Minister Mrs: SUSHMA SWARAJ."
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