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General Discussion>US Airways Steals Money from Passenger
Tmeisne 8:23 PM Dec 8, 2011
I wrote to the president and vice-president of US Airways regarding a policy error communicated to me by their employee in April and I received a "form" letter in response. They did not accept responsibility for the misinformation I received and refused to satisfy my request for either a refund or a full credit.

In summary, I had reservations to fly from Florida to Philadelphia in April; the dates of my plans changed by 1 week so I called to change the reservation. I was told to CANCEL the reservation to AVOID paying a change fee and re-book the flight. I paid for the new flight and thought I could use the credit at another time. Because I believed the information was true, I did this 3 more times; totally 670.00 out-of-pocket. When I tried to use the credit toward my next flight, I was told I needed to pay the 150.00 dollar change fee x4. That means out of the 670.00 credit, I have 20.00 left to fly.

These policies are ubsurb considering people live very dynamic and ever-changing lives. I think US Airways needs to stop suffocating it's customers and take a lesson from reservations at South West Airlines. They could also use a lesson in Customer Service from LL Bean as well. This needs to stop; I will never fly US Airways for pleasure or business.
BKK_FLYER 8:33 PM Dec 11, 2011

IF that's what you were told then I think you have every right for US to effectively live up to their statements..

That said, the notion that airlines should abolish these restrictions on the cheaper(est) fares because "people live very dynamic and ever-changing lives" I think is misplaced.. Airlines DO have fares available that don't have these types of restrictions..

When you buy a fare, whatever it is, you have to make a risk-reward decision and see if the fare charged relative to the restrictions imposed is a good fit for you under that travel scenario.. For some who are confident that their dates are fixed are well suited to deeply discounted fares that also offer little flexibility.. by contrast a person who might need or expects to need the ability to change, should then buy a fare that affords those flexibilities..

Is there an element of personal responsibility? You bet. Is everything foreseeable? No, not at all.. but again, there are things like insurance that help all of us off-set these unexpected things in life.

In the end if you want more flexibility then it's going to cost you more.. Fares are out there to pretty much fit every situation, and even travel insurance for added protection.

The alternative is that the base fare paid by ALL of us be raised- whether or not we use these flexibilities.
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