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Unhappy TSA employees STEALING?

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Re: - HICKS/ANGIE - KRNP64From:[email protected]:SouthwestAirline [email protected]:Mon, 23 Jun 2008 11:29 pm
My name is Angie Hicks. I am a 27 year old single mother who took my son on vacation this week for what was supposed to be a relaxing fun trip for us to spend time together. We traveled from Oklahoma City OK with Southwest Airlines flight 2794 that left at 75pm June 22nd 2008. Around 6:00 or 6:15 my son, Ethan, who is only 7, and I came threw a check point in front of our gate number 16. I have only traveled once before so i am def. not a pro but i took my flip flops off and my sons shoes as everybody in line in front of me was doing and placed them along with my carry on backpack and purse in a bucket so it could all be ex rayed. When it was our turn my son went thru the metal detector first and then I did and Jerry (badge number 49764 im pretty sure) asked to see my boarding pass... i smiled and replied Oh Im so sorry i left it in my purse. Well i was immediatly aware I must be an IDIOT because he rolls his eyes and breathes heavily -raising his voice that I am NOT to leave it in my purse. So I attempt to step over to see if my purse is still visable so i could curdiously get it for him. Well I get yelled at again and he physically grabbed my shoulder which hurt b/c i have an open soar on my shoulder... so when i turn and look at him he raises both hands in the air like "im not touching you"... so the heavy set lady sitting on a stool pops off with instant attitude as well and says she has to get my boarding pass and i agree so i stand there and my pass is retrieved from my purse and he sees it and tells me and my son to go on. Well as Im putting my shoes on I realize my orange backpack is nowhere to be found. Everybody is busy and im standing there trying to ask if anybody has seen my backpack because there is probably a thousand dollars worth of electronics such as PSP, MP3, digital camera etc. The nice lady at the end is busy discussing the liquid in another passengers carry on and i didnt want to be rude and interupt so i walk up towards the x-ray lady and pleasantly ask her if she has seen my backpack and i get physically grabbed by Jerry again who screams at me that i just couldnt walk up there (im sorry -i didnt know) and he directs me thru the metal detector again and i have no problem complying at all and i guess i walked to fast b/c he threw his hands up in front of my face and chest and yelled to go back threw slowly so i back up and comply but im getting very upset from being pushed around at this time and i still havent found my backpack and my son is getting pushed further away from me by the line of people so i hold my hand out for my son to take as he walks close to me and Jerry physically barricades my son from getting to me and told him to stay back! I almost freaked out at this point- my momma bear, baby cub instincts were kicking in. So he lets me walk threw and I finally get my son but still no backpack and i start over asking for it as i was originally trying to do. The heavy lady sitting on the stool looking at the X-rays is yelling "well its not here- maybe its in the lobby- you need to just go on" as shes rolling her eyes, throwing her hands up, and shaking her head as if it was not her problem. I kept telling her i had JUST put it in the bucket five feet from her... she was not nice at all or willing to get up and move around a little to look... she just wanted me gone without my belongings.I honestly feel many passangers belongings could get stolen by TSA employees this way???? Well the very nice lady at the end saw i was crying frantically and ran over to look for me and it said had accidentally gotten stuck by the strap in the machine and she retrieved it for me. I asked why the big lady couldnt have just done that for me instead of try to push me and my son away empty handed. I had already looked at Jerry's name tag and had his name but as im crying i ask for the big ladys name as well and Mr. James Wilkerson refused to give me her name. I asked repeatedly stating that i am a conductor for Amtrak so I know this is the reason she wears a name tag and I was refused again. I wanted to walk over and get it myself but i was afraid Jerry might barricade me or put his hands on me or my son again. So I was given a comment card and pushed out of the way with no name of the heavy set lady working x-ray by gate 16 in OKC around 6 or 6:15... but my son was very upset- i was confused and crying. I had to hurry and find somewhere to duck to wipe my face- it was HUMILIATING. Even another male passenger going thru the line felt sorry for us and wished us luck. My son seriously thought something was wrong with his mother and was so deeply concerned his eyes teared up. Please write me back with a follow up on how these employees (inclusing Mr. Wilkerson) were diciplined and i am curious if there is a mandatory class taken annually for TSA employees for customer service b/c this card states we as paying customers should have a customer-friendly experience at the checkpoint and it was no further from the truth.
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The folks at TSA have nil experience when it comes to customer service and I do mean NIL. Since they are not serving us, mostly just going through our belongings making sure that bottle of shampoo doesn't make it past the checkpoint. You can write a comment card and/or talk to a supervisor, but i doubt much will get done.

Oh ya sending this letter to southwest and posting here won't get much done since neither have anything to do with TSA. You are better off heading to a TSA website (tsa.gov) and send your letter of complaint through them. Good luck.
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The airlines have nothing to do with TSA. TSA is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. You can go to www.tsa.gov, and I believe they have contact information, to send comments/complaints. SouthWest would not be able to do anything about this.

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