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Angry Delayed Baggage-getting runaround and am I too feel bad

I expect to be fully compensated for my delayed luggage-I should be reimbursed for the $25 per bag.
I expect a letter of apology regarding treatment with ticket agents and stewardess in Dallas
It’s too late for the damage suitcase claim, but something should be done

What are the chances of really hearing something?????
American Airlines flight #1807
1) On Thursday, September 2nd, my children, myself, my brother and his family boarded American Airlines flight #1807 from Newark Airport to Dallas Fort Worth. Our seating was fine on this leg. We then boarded American Airlines#1484 from Dallas Forth Worth to San Antonio and this leg of the flight was somewhat of a nightmare due to seating but we worked with it. For some reason, we were not able to book seats, via phone, expedia.com or the aa.com website and had to book them at check in. Where we checked 4 bags, 1 per person. We were in the back part of the plane when there were several empty seats (not for sale) where my children and I could have sat, these seats were not an option???????

My HORROR STORYbegins on Monday, September 6th and still has NOT ended.

American Airlines displayed what appeared to be the WORST customer service from check in to today as I am still missing my luggage/baggage.

AA#1534 from San Antonio to Dallas-TSA issues and no SEAT assignment
1) I arrive at the airport around 7am to check in and obtain seating and pay the $25 per bag. My son bag is ripped from side to side, there is no ticketing agent around for us to file a claim, so we move his items into my bag and my other son’s bag and have to leave his at a trash can. We check in and the only seats available are next to the bathroom. We then have to wheel our bags to receive tags and then wheel to TSA to scan and I see a TSA agent, going through someone’s bag
1-she had no gloves on
2-she was emptying this person’s stuff and dumping it to the side
3-she had no stick she was clearly just rifling through this bag

2) This concerned me regarding my own bags as I’d just left them with another agent. So I stood there for a moment, watched them go on the belt. Another agent walks over towards me and says I can go because my bags just went on the belt, he then looked at the other agent and tells me again to move on. I stood there for a few more moments because I wanted to see if my bags came back off and wondered how my items would be treated.

3) We get to the gate, everything is fine, plane leaves on time, we arrive to Gate A in Dallas and have to get to Gate D…and WE have no seats assignments because we were not assigned anything in San Antonio

AA#558 Dallas to Newark-Ticket Agent, Seat Assignments, Delayed/Lost Luggage

1) We arrive at our gate and have 25minutes to get our seat assignments, use the bathroom, grab food, etc. As soon as I walk up to the counter, there are two ticket agents, I begin to say my name and the man cuts me off and says you must be Scott/Jenkins, I said yes. So he says she can help you and begins typing while a line behind me forms-he never asks to assist anyone else. The woman prints the tickets, I take them and rush my kids to the bathroom. When I come out of the bathroom my brother is standing there with his family and says you have the wrong tickets, the woman thought you were me Scott/Moron family and gave me your tickets, she said she was sorry and thought we were all together

a-What if this wasn’t my brother?
b-Where is the security in this? I tried to tell her my name and they clearly ignored me and why wouldn’t she say have her return to the counter vs giving him my tickets.

2) We board the plane (again we are in rows 31 & 32). The flight attendants walks up to me and says I know that you are not sitting in these seats, I know for a fact that these are not your seats and I was told that these were empty (I look up at her and notice in the DEF side someone’s uniform is sprawled across the seats) I said excuse me. She said again, I was told that these were empty and you cannot just sit where you want. I said these are my seats, do you really think I would want to sit next to the bathroom and so she demands to see my see my tickets, which I pulled out and showed her. She then says O, well I guess they were wrong out front. By now an older flight attendant shows up, tells her this happens all the time and now the passenger is probably upset and so the ticket agent has ruined this trip for us.
a. This was very disrespectful, I’ve never had a stewardess speak to me in such a manner and again who volunteers to sit next to the bathroom or the back of the plane. There were several empty seats so she moved us from 31 to 25 and then the older woman kept checking on us, while the rude one never came back to say a word, not even a sorry after it was her mistake.

3) We land in Newark. We go to carousel#8 and the only bag that comes off this flight is my daughters (AA388009). So we stand there and we wait about 5 minutes. NOT a single baggage agent comes out of the office. So I go into the office. As I’m asking what is the delay, my brother comes in behind me his luggage hasn’t arrived either and we both are speaking to different agents. I’m asking my agent when will my luggage arrive, what was the issue. She proceeds to tell me that there is no message in the system, she has no idea and that there was a flight coming in around 630pm perhaps it would be on that. There was a cold rudeness in her voice, so now I’m upset. It’s 340pm, I feel I’ve been shoved around all day by AA, so I give her all of my contact information. She then asks me which bag#s are lost. I told her I don’t know that information, so we get the tag off my daughters she inputs the information into the system and hands me a printout (B1) I initially said delivery as I was tired. However, while she was over at the printer, she began to say how stupid I was, how she was not the one and how dare I ask her and expect her to tell me where my bags are to the other agent on duty and how she is about to have an attitude if another person off this flight comes in and asks her where their bags are (Little did she know that the person standing at the counter that could hear this entire conversation was my brother)

4) I leave Newark with one bag. Go home and try to track my bags and notice that she has my cellphone number wrong. As I was giving her my contact information, I said clearly just my cellphone, but she insisted on going over other numbers, I said again just my cellphone and repeated the number several times. So I called the 800 number to complain about her attitude, correct my phone number and find out about the status of my baggage. The representative on the phone proceeded to tell me she thought that they might be on the 620pm flight#1432, so I went back to the airport around 7pm. My children walked into the arrival baggage area, I instructed them to go to the lost and found, where we were earlier if they did not see anything on the carousel. They went into the office and found the second bag (B4-388008) and brought it out but did not have any of my paperwork that I had sent them in with. They said the lady in the red jacket behind the counter said well your mother was stupid to send you in here and if she wants her stuff she has to come and get it.

5) I go into the lost and found, ask for my paperwork and she (B3-Ms Cox) slids it to me. I said is there an ETA on the other bag. So she says what’s the bag number, I said I don’t know, two have arrived and I don’t know how you read the tag. She says then I cant help you. I said excuse me. So you have the paperwork, we ripped the tags off each bag to file the claims and show what has arrived. She says well you need to know the bag number. I then tell her, I don’t work for AA, that’s your job to know and I want a supervisor, I’m done talking to you

So the representative that was helping my brother earlier stood shaking his head and knocked on a door for the supervisor who told him that they would be a minute.
I see my brothers luggage so I contact him and asked him if he received a phone call because
a-The 1st representative told me that we would receive a phone call as to when the luggage would arrive, then a phone call for delivery.

b-The representative I spoke to over the phone said when the luggage arrived in Newark, it would be scanned and we would receive a call

Out of a steel door steps Mr Johnson (B3), so I apologized in advance, said I am ****** off, I am tired, no one can tell me where my luggage is, I’m double parked, your staff is rude and I’m just not happy with AA right now (at this point, YES I’m irate, I have prescriptions, souvenirs, etc and I’m not getting help) He pulls me out of the office at which point, Ms. Cox says I’m not calling anyone and I’m not calling the other half of her party to tell them their luggage is here, that is not my job and I’m sick of these people and I’m glad that the other person keyed her number wrong because she’ll be awhile before she gets her luggage.

So I then turn to Mr. Johnson and say do you hear this. This is why I’m upset. No one is taking responsibility for my bag. This is frustrating. Well he then tells me it’s not their responsibility to contact us, it’s not their responsibility to track the bags, it’s the delivery people which are not a part of AA. Once they arrive they scan and that’s when information shows up in the system. I said that is not what I was told. He then asks for all the information, I hand it to him and he says oh bag AA 388007 is the one that is missing ..I said now how come the agent couldn’t do this earlier..he just shook his head. He tried to apologize said that he understood, etc. in which I began to calm down. We go back in the office and he checks some back room, Ms. Cox begins to say hmpt I wouldn’t help her and she was stupid to send kids in and by the way your kids were rude, they cant come in here to get bags you are the adult. I said excuse have you ever travelled, have you ever lost your bags, until then sit over there and shut the F up because now I’m getting ****** again (again as I stated, I was irate so I’m not going to say I wasn’t cursing because how dare she call me stupid and then say how I should handle a wrong doing to me) So he writes down my number and says he’ll look into this and contact me (I have yet to receive a phone call from Mr. Johnson)

6) I leave Newark Airport and call the 800# frantic and ticked. The representative on the phone proceeds to tell me that my bag was on flight to JFK not Newark. My bag left San Antonio went to Washington, DC and then from there is headed to JFK. Wasn’t that funny? H no it was not and that flight would not arrive until 950pm ( I am 2hours away from JFK and there was no telling when I would receive anything and they couldn’t verify/confirm delivery) So we went over my information. AGAIN my cellphone number is wrong, so she changes it AGAIN

7) This am-September 7th….I have not received a phone call. The aa.com is updated and shows my bag is found but doesn’t say where, when to expect it, etc. THERE IS NO REAL INFO…I contact the 800 number. A representative informs me that it is at JFK, it’s an outside delivery person and they have up to 10hours to get me my bag and hangs up the phone. I ask if I can get an approx time and will someone call me. She tells me no that is not how they operate, what I can do is leave a note on the door that they can leave the bag because the 2nd delivery time is on me. That they will not call me beforehand and it’s my responsibility to let them know what to do with my bags. I said to her I paid to check these bags it’s not my responsibility, I didn’t lose them, nor did I fly into JFK, I don’t think this seems fair that I am now waiting, I wont receive a call and if I’m not home they will leave on my front porch or not leave at all. She hangs up.

8) I call at 1230pm and I ask if the delivery people can be called and given my information so I can have an ETA on my bag. The person puts me on hold, reads me my phone number which is WRONG again so she corrects it and gives it to the driver she says who says they are thinking 5pm but will try to call 1st.

9) My brother picked up his items last night, after I’d left. He walked in and Ms. Cox, was saying what the H, another one is picking up their luggage, I’m going to stop calling them..NOW he had been receiving messages from the time he submitted a claim, where he was getting updates regarding his luggage

Now, I’m not saying I did not have an attitude, I was and still am highly upset. AA is not taking any responsibility on any level for the treatment of my seating to my delayed luggage. I am frustrated, I know I used several curse words and I am still upset as to where my belongings are.

AA has violated me, infringed upon my time, not lived up to their responsibilities to provide customer service, etc. as their motto states and honestly has been a disappointment. My trip was stressful and has been a headache/nightmare to which I am still dealing with because I do not have my luggage. Your staff acts as if o well…It’s not o well, when you are charging people to check luggage, how could this happen? How could luggage end up on American Eagle to JFK, when I was on AA to Newark. This is absurd and then I have to wait 10-12+hours for my luggage due to AA messing up.

Attached are receipts because if my personal items are missing, not in my luggage, etc. if you think I am upset now over a delay, know that I will be highly upset over damaged/missing merchandise. This is just ridiculous that someone should have to go through something like this and there is no resolution from any AA personnel because it’s not their responsibility regarding my delayed luggage-well then please tell me whose responsibility it is…and no one had on a nametag/badge, etc. so there was no way to get names, identify employees, etc.

The people that best helped was the 800 supervisor I spoke to yesterday, the male in Newark that assisted my brother, the 800 representative that just called the delivery person to try to identify a time for me today. Past that, everyone else has been of no help, I honestly thought that Mr. Johnson would have tried but I don’t even believe he was a supervisor.

I’d appreciate a reply because as you see below, I’m notifying every person whose contact information has been listed on sites this has just been a nightmare for me. I think that AA needs to do a better job, set the standard for delayed/missing/damage luggage because we pay too much money and I should not feel hassled, harassed, etc when I did all the right things and followed protocol, now when does AA step up? Or is it because I was not in first class, I am an African American woman, etc. It really makes me rethink flying AA let alone not sharing this tale with others.

AND just to reiterate I do not have my luggage nor have I received a call as to when I can really expect it and hope that all of my items are in my bags, when asked what happens if something is missing, I was told I would have to go to aa.com and find that contact information-this needs to be handled better because I am the victim not AA.
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Send a message via Yahoo to Researcher

Dear user: I am developing a Doctoral research on Mishandled baggage (see General Discussion- Mishandled Baggage Research ) Could you please, provide the airline complaint form (minus personal information) you filled with the airline or send me an email to [email protected] and I will send a survey. The survey is very similar to the one you must file with the airline and does not contain personal information.
Thanks before hand

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SO Investigative guy with a question.DID at any time AA inform the passenger they could buy essentials? Did anyone at AA say they are liable for up to $3300 in damages for delayed of lost bags? Not a single person at AA will tell the public what thy law states.My undercover investigation revealed they hide the truth re $3300 in compensation for damages .You can see my video at investigativeguy.com where airline employees ripped up a copy of US law I posted for passengers .How many of you travelers have been lied to about your rights regarding delayed bag compensation?Send me an e mail detailing the lies . i intend to make this an issue

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