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Default Customer service is just the least of it

Here is a short list of what was wrong with my last flight:

1.) In Miami through-flight from San Juan, PR to LAX was moved 42 gates. How is it a through flight if the only commen thread is the flight number?

2.) Respectfully asked gate agent about possibly upgrading to business class, response without looking up - No, sold out! Rude and very dismissive.

3.) Boarding was a mess, no audible announcements made just same rude gate agent holding up fingers to indicate group.

4.) My fourth AA plane on this trip and yet again a total pig sty. Torn seats, dirty, grubby and extremely worn out. Even business class was like a low rent hotel on skid row.

5.) Flight stands at gate for almost an hour with intermittent air conditioning due to "still loading cargo" which later becomes "still loading baggage". FA continually chastises passengers about electronic devices delaying flight when none were in use. Of course, it's our fault!

6.) FA tells elderly woman in front of me "didn't recognize you, you all look the same to me." nice, really nice.

7.) FA failed to serve three rows, never responds to Attendant light that burned for almost five hours.

8.) Passengers tortured by malfunctioning video equipment for five hours. does AA know we have moved beyond video tape, they have this new fancy stuff called digital media! Also, CRTs are not cutting edge.

9.) Worried passenger with connecting flight to Hong Kong asked FA if she knew how late the plane would be. Instead of giving the honest answer of "I don't know.", she feels the need to to give airline speak "Travel time will be five hours fifteen minutes after take off." Why do they do this? Why can't they just be honest?

Horrible experience all around. AA must have no pride at all. Frankly, I don't think they should be allowed to use the name American, it insults the entire western hemisphere.
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American Airlines has probably the worst service in the Caribbean. We fly once a year to Santo Domingo and up until few years ago they were still flying the old Airbus A300, one of which crashed on this very same route back in 2001 killing more than 200 passengers. Those airplanes were like NYC subway trains back in the 80's...short of being written in graffiti, they were absolutely filthy, even in business class...AC was working worse than in a 25yr old car...flight attendants attitude was horrible...and I know where it's coming from: the fish always rots from the head! Caribbean is a market where they fill up the planes and give absolutely zero service back.

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