In-flight Issue
COMPLAINT: faulty Biz Class Seat on EK A380

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We've been flying from Europe into China and boarded EK 302 early morning of 4th JUL bound from DXB to PVG Shanghai (Aircraft ID A6-EDK) (Seats 16F and 16E)

After we sat down and the plane still being in the process of boarding lower deck ECO, a DXB airport technical assistant came to check the partition wall between our two seats.
This has been apparently been faulty already and he didn't manage to make it work again - for us no problem at the time as we were flying as a couple ad unless we would have gotten into a "above the clouds" fight, there was no need for the partition in between.
around 1 hour in the flight and when people start getting comfortable with the seat as well as the IFE, my wife realized that her seat did recline but that it would not come back up again (quite annoying for a 9+ hours flight with service....)
The flight attendant had to get another lady with more experience of that seat and they had to reset the entire seat system - beauty of these couple seats is that also the other seats IFE + seat had to be reset at the same time.
We did that 4 times (yes I did start my movie 3 times over and then gave up) until I requested to talk to a senior attendant who then told us that the plane is fully booked and no other seats were available
We switched seats and I took the faulty one for the rest of the journey (still +8 hours) and for every movement the seat had to be adjust manually
Whilst I was promised that my complained had been filed on board already I did contact EK customer affairs the following day and just got the following answer on which I've rejected my acceptance and now wait for ! 4 weeks for a follow up / compensation offer

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to detail your concerns in your email message of 6 July, and for your patience whilst I looked into the events you have described.

It is of concern to Emirates to learn of the discomfort you described on board flight EK302, from Dubai to Shanghai on 4 July, as a result of a temporarily malfunction with the seat mechanism at seat, 16E for Ms xxx xxx.

I wish to assure you that Emirates place a great deal of emphasis on the high standard of in-flight service and the facilities that are provided to passengers, and I sincerely regret that we have been unable to meet your expectations on this occasion.

Having reviewed the flight report, I learnt that the flight was fully booked; therefore, our cabin crew were unable to offer Ms xxx the option to relocate to an alternative seat.

Being a customer service orientated organisation, we are aware of the importance of meeting our passengers' expectations and we sincerely regret the inconvenience.

I further do hope that despite this unfortunate occurrence, we shall have the pleasure in welcoming you on our flights in the near future and I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Emirates.

Yours sincerely,
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