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COMPLAINT: Shocking treatment of Premium Passangers

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Old Sep 16, 2015, 5:18 AM
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As a Platinum Member of Skyawards with 189.900 tier miles with in this cycle and already pre qualified for Platinum for 2017 to 2017 cycle I am astounded at the lack of customer service I receive from EK. On a recent flight myself and my Wife were booked in F from HKT to MAD return, paying 7 K Euros per person. Prior to flying I sent EK an email asking why we both had dupe bookings both in F&J class for our return leg DXB to HKT to which I have never received a response. Two day prior to the return Journey I receive an email from reservations asking me to contact them urgently to reschedule my flight as the aircraft had changed and F class was not available....... I emailed called over four times to speak to a supervisors but to no avail! Many promises to return my call but guess what nothing........
So due to connecting flights we had no option but to fly on our chosen booked dates with the last leg being downgraded to J.
On my return to HKT I wrote to customer affairs requesting a refund of the fare difference for the down graded leg, attaching my original communication re the dupe booking, and every one of the 10 or so emails i had sent them.
I received the Standard response stating that they offered me to change dates where F was available and as I did not do so they would not refund me anything but offered me 14.000 miles......... IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR PLATINUM CUSTOMERS???????? As I already have over 400.000 air miles this really did not interest me!!!!
So again write back explaining my issues and the total lack of customer service that as a Platinum member I feel I deserve. This time I wrote to the Chief Marketing Officer and the VP who Welcomed me when I achieved platinum status. I also requested Sir Tim Clarks email so I could write to him personally. The response again was by the same jobsworth offering me additional miles now totaling 39.000 per person stating that this was enough for an upgrade for the leg where I was downgraded. This in fact is not true as the J to F is now in fact 57.000 miles. two days ago I had enough of being treated like an idiot so I wrote the following letter to EK giving them 24H to respond to my communication. Of course they did not respond......... Please see my email below.
Dear Inas Zaki,
Thank you for your reply. I am still not satisfied with your response for the following reasons.
Your response to my original reply is unacceptable as my communication was not addressed to you but to Mr Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. As yet I have not received even an acknowledgement from a member of Emirates Senior Management. Again I urge you to escalate this to Senior management forthwith.
Secondly on your response below you have now offered both myself and my wife 39.000 miles when in fact 57.000 miles are required to upgrade from J to F for the HKT to DXB or vice versa.
So in short yet again your highest tier loyal customer is not satisfied and you do not appear to want to regain my trust? I urge you to escalate this to senior management so I can communicate with somebody with authority to discusses my situation and finding common ground ensuring that I remain a Loyal Platinum Customer.
Again you have not responded at all, to my email of August pre this whole charade (pre journey commencement) when I enquired why I had a dupe booking both for J and F…………. had you answered at this point this whole debacle could have been avoided.
As my Faith and Trust in Emirates is currently shattered I have had no option but to turn to your competitors for solace. The national Airline of the UAE are more than happy to treat me as a premium passenger and on informing them face to face with a senior VP last week in Abu Dhabi, have offered me status match with their Guest Program. BTW I flew them last week and was astounded at how good their customer service was!!!! Please see attached by boarding passes for your reference. On receipt of my status match I will send you a copy as well. (Not that you will care!) Having Flow 189.900 tier miles within this cycle and already pre-qualified for Platinum status for the next cycle Jan 2016 to Jan 2017 one would think that you would look after me, from my experience as reiterated many times in the numerous communications since the above mentioned event this does not appear to be the case!
I will now kindly urge, request that I am contacted with in 24h to resolve this situation once and for all or I will communicate my woes via every review site, industry forum and social media. Perhaps this will have the desired effect of actually getting a serious and overdue response along with the recognition that I believe I deserve.
Thank you and the ball is in your court.
I do not expect as response from you as mentioned umpteen times but some who will address all the points I have raised and treat me as a Premium member.
PS, quote from your email “Thank you for allowing me to review this matter and for your continued choice of Emirates.” You are currently no longer my choice and how presumptuous and arrogant you are! My current choice is the national airline of the UAE, however your senior management team have the power to change that if you wish.
So dear Emirates you are failing miserably please feel free to contact me ASAP if you wish to keep the large amounts of money I and my family spend with you every year!
Also its worth mentioning that the National Airline of the UAE has already provided me with a status match so unless you speak to me and sort this out forthwith good bye to my business.
EK Platinum member 280 559 650 .
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