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COMPLAINT: My Money Is Good Enough But Not My Opinion? #EmiratesServiceFell

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Old Jan 7, 2016, 6:14 AM
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On the 3rd of December 2015, I submitted a complaint via email to Emirates. Four days later, on the 7th of December, I got a response with ref# JNB/X/SG/061215/7083160 stating

"The events that you have described are being looked into and one of our Customer Affairs Officers will write to you once our review is complete.

The review itself may involve a number of operational departments, and possibly third-party providers, therefore our response to you may take up to 30 days. Please be assured that we will do all possible to reply inside 30 days."

30 Days have come and gone and Emirates OBVIOUSLY thinks my money is good enough but not my opinion. If Emirates doesn't value my opinion, then they sure as Bob won't ever see any of my hard earned money ever again.

I travelled from Cape Town to Melbourne via Dubai and Singapore at the beginning of September. I had enough time for my layover in Singapore to do a free sky tour. My flight would land JUST in time to catch the last tour of the day. However, that did not happen. My flight was delayed for quite a few hours due to "technical difficulties". It was disappointing that my first and probably last time I would ever be able to see a bit of Singapore was not going to happen, but delays happen. I would rather wait longer and miss a free tour than fly in an unsafe aircraft.

But the major trouble came when I returned from Melbourne via the same route 3 months later. Here is the complaint I submitted:

"Dear Emirates

Whenever I have to travel internationally, I always choose between you and Qatar Airways (I recently changed my name and used to travel under the name [ABCDEFG]). I usually stick with you because of your superior service and food. I always tell people how Emirates is my favourite airline to travel but to be honest, I don't think I will be doing that anymore. I am SHOCKED by how the service level of Emirates has dropped.

On my flight from Melbourne to Dubai via Singapore, the lady who sat next to me (I was seated on 36H) had her baby vomit up milk right at the beginning of the flight. I was just served my first meal (I ordered a special meal) so needless to say it wasn't pleasant. But that isn't your fault. What IS your fault is that this poor woman and her child had to sit in that vomit the entire flight because the stewards couldn't be bothered to help her despite her asking numerous times for assistance. In fact, whenever she asked, they were downright rude and dismissive. I tried to help her as much as I could. I felt INCREDIBLY sorry for her as the entire flight I could see how uncomfortable she was and how close to tears she was the whole time. All of us had to endure the stench of sour, vomited milk (as a vegan it was PARTICULARLY difficult for me to smell the milk of another animal knowing the cruelty involved in the dairy industry and milk goes against all my beliefs and ethics).

Credit to you for changing my seat (because of the smell) from Singapore to Dubai. But that in itself had its own issues. I had to ask for my special ordered meal no less than FOUR times. I was ignored until I was eventually forced to throw a snotty tantrum (which I hated but it was the only way to get things done).

On my flight from Dubai to Cape Town I ordered a raw vegetable meal. I am a vegan and follow a largely raw lifestyle. I should have known better. For my first snack I had:
- a croissant and butter (which is neither vegan nor raw)
- two small grapes, half a slice of pineapple and two small pieces of sweet melon
- water
For my second meal, I at least got some fresh crunchy salad (which was GREAT by the way) but again - there was chocolate over my fruit (milk chocolate is neither vegan nor raw), crackers (which are neither vegan nor raw), cheese (neither vegan nor raw), butter (neither vegan nor raw) and creamy salad dressing (neither vegan nor raw).

A raw lifestyle is a VEGAN lifestyle (except for the contentious issue of honey) with ONLY raw food. I am surprised that you fail to understand that. I am a vegan chef (one of the best in my country) - if you need consultation on your food, I will do so free of charge.

Overall on all three my flights, the stewards were rude, curt, dismissive ad unfriendly.

Jack up your service. Until such time, I would rather fly Qatar.

No regards whatsoever."

As previously mentioned, the delay on my initial flight is understandable. But in light of my above complaint and in light of the fact that Emirates really couldn't be bothered to address my concerns and my complaints, I now have to believe that the delay was possibly caused by someone who is just plain incompetent - as is clearly evident by this entire saga and that this cost me a once in a life time opportunity.

I am not happy. Not by a long, long shot.

This is the last chance I give Emirates to communicate with me. I am a civil society activist. Do NOT give me a cause.

Again - with NO regards WHATSOEVER,
South Africa
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